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Sean Paul "the core riddims are great but we got to evolve" n more with Ebro in the morning on Hot 97 FM

One of the US radios' most listened morning shows, Ebro in the morning on Hot 97 FM host special guest Sean Paul recently for what was a very interesting interview and from which, notably, several fans called the Jamaican Dancehall star a legend. Some interesting points emerge from the interview/discussion of which I would like to share with you.

Asked, "Do you miss the days when reggae, everything was pressed on 45s?  'Nerd record questions' Ebro's co-host taught necessary to put to Sean Paul and of course with reasonable explanation, "when I dig through 45s, reggae sections are very difficult, because if I see something with Sean's name on it I want it but at the same time there's so much! so much that you just don't know what! If I see a Spragga record I'm like this could be very dope, or I don't really need many different 45s of your music was pressed on?"

Ebro stressed another interesting point after Sean Paul responded to questions about Vybz Kartel, "any word about Vybz Kartel?" Sean said, "no just songs..." Ebro, "the voice note on the iphone he's using sounds crystal clear.." lightening things up. Sean went on to share his views on Kartel's 'lock down' situation citing that it was unfortunate that people get this break and, "your lifestyle get you into a position that it doesn't make no sense no more," a better way he suggested was, "being able to help the people who work around them to move up to a next level." To this Ebro added, "It is something for the music that we love the dancehall/reggae culture that comes out of Jamaica, goes around the world and spread that great music. A lot of music that we love comes from sound systems in Jamaica, Hip-Hop being one, even whats happening with the EDM culture all that, all a that Lee Scratch (whose studio was unfortunately burned to the ground see Ja. Observer article) and Dub sound and Dub Step in England and the Grime scene all of that."

On the subject of music production, Sean Paul told Ebro's morning crew that although he enjoyed the 90s era, "we got to evolve." He said music production in Jamaica needs to move to another level and by another level the platinum selling Dancehall Super Star explained, "the core riddims are great, I love them but it need to be expanded."  In reference to music produced by Skrillex and Diplo, Sean Paul said, "the way their pushing the envelope, putting in certain elements, that they use for production, the breakdown all that stuff added to what we do on a riddim is pretty special." Sean Paul remembers 23 year old J. Capri who shockingly died after battling for life from a car crash in Kingston recently.  He was in New York for Busta Rhymes sold out Hot For the Holidays show. Watch full interview:-