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Have a Roots-Reggae Xmas...

Jamaica! "where talent abound........."

Our island is beautiful and its people an abundance of raw talent.  Our music has gotten even much more attention this year 2015, across the world. The infectious talents, emanating from our artistes and entertainers continue to impact the world in an undeniable way. We have been seeing a steady increase of Americans, Europeans, Asians and Japanese among the patrons at nightly and weekly events across Kingston. 

" la la la lay......ahhhh  boi"

As crazy as some of it seems, even the creativity of current dancers in the dancehall has crept into the choreography of superstar entertainers showcase. But, what have been most happiest experience of 2015 is witnessing the rise and consistency of power-fullness and spirituality emanating from performances by the new roots reggae artistes such as Chronixx, Protoje, Jesse Royal, Iba Mahr, Nesbeth, Jah 9, Kabaka Pyramid to name a few, that is reminiscent of some of Jamaica's reggae music greatest artistes/entertainers/messengers that have walked the face of this earth. 

Following these artistes have reassured me that Reggae, the music of Jamaica and Dancehall it's offspring will never die.