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Singer Richie Stevens show love in return for the love he's currently getting from his Brazilian fans

Fresh off his September Brazilian tour, singer Richie Stephens recorded a catchy song entitled, I Love Brazil' as a kind gesture of giving back the love he received from his Brazilian fans.

While in Brazil, Stephens headlined shows in Sao Luis the largest city of the state of Maranhao and Belem, as well as shot a music video for his hit single, "Knock, Knock, Knock." Recently, in a television interview, he said share what being on tour in that country has been for him, "my tour of Brazil went extremely well. Jamaicans have had a long, love affair with Brazil because of our love for football, Pele, Ronaldinho and Neymar. The song "I Love Brazil" was inspired by the similarity in both cultures and to express my gratitude for the warmth and the abundance of love and support I got from the people of Brazil."

Since the release of this new single, "I Love Brazil,"  Stephens said "the song is already one of the most requested songs on radio in Sao Luis and is a sure shot at parties." The Jamaican baritone crooner landed a No. 1 hit with "Knock, Knock, Knock" in the South American country and anticipates a another hit with the new single.  What's next for him? Well, he believes with the love and popularity he's getting from his fans in Brazil, a 2016 tour is inevitable and hopefully during the olympics. Now that, would be really cool!