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Richie Stephens lands a hit in Brazil; Announce Europe tour and performing with German Reggae Star Gentleman

Richie Stephens
From his album entitled, 'Real Reggae Music' singer Richie Stephens lands a #1 hit in Brazil with single, 'Knock Knock Knock.'  A pleasantly surprised Stephens said in reaction to the wonderful news, "I was shocked when I got the news that Knock Knock Knock was a massive hit in Brazil since we never did any special promotion there. Radio started playing the song, fans embraced it and now it has found its way to the top."

Along with the songs #1 ratings in Brazil comes the demand for Richie Stephens live in concert in that country, and he is already confirmed to perform there. "I am excited about my first performance in Brazil which happens in August. I hope to be invited back next year to perform when Usain Bolt will compete at the 2016 summer Olympics" Stephens said in an interview.

Europe Tour and working with Gentleman
The "Everybody Dance" singer is also preparing for his tour of Europe where he is expected to link up with music partner Gentleman, whom he said he feels honoured to tour with. Acknowledging Gentleman's 'mega-star' status in the west, Stephens speaks highly of the German reggae singer with a Jamaican heart saying he is "known for selling out big venues and playing gigs that a lot of reggae stars do not normally get to play. I will be carrying the reggae flag for Jamaica and taking the message directly to the people."
Richie Stephens and Gentleman

With a specific date to be announced, Richie Stephens tour will take him across Germany, Poland, Italy, Switzerland and England lasting about three months. He will also be promoting a soon to be released collaboration with Gentleman entitled, "Fly Away." With three songs, 'Everybody Dance,' 'Mama' and 'Hall of Fame' doing noticeably well on the European market, Stephens plan to introduce new songs, "Knock Knock Knock', 'Free Up The Plant' and 'Fly Away' this time around. "Europe is such a huge market for reggae. It is always a pleasure to perform there" he said.