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JahStrenght - Dancehall has not lost it's identity

At a time when the deliberations on the future of the Dancehall genre seems un-directed, upcoming artiste Jah Strenght is optimistic "Dancehall has not lost it's identity, it has moved into a new era" he said. A Kingstonian, this artiste whose musical background is close knitted with long time friend and US Billboard Top 100 charting artiste Erup, foresee a music industry that has evolved with it's genre fusing multiple genres and the public, learning, digesting and embracing the new feel and sound of the music. 

With Dancehall artistes failing miserably at impacting international markets explosively, Jah Strenght, a man of many words rubbish the talk that the genre has lost it's 'identity', "if the music is written, recorded and performed by a Jamaican then it is Jamaican what is lost however is a more fortified support system and representation that steers and promote the 100% authentic Jamaican style and brand..." he said. Yet those challenges has not dampen his outlook on the future as he remain confident that essentially he like many others with similar meditation and vision will be apart of a new platform that will crossover.

Check out Jah Strenght lastest single "Summer Leaguefeaturing 2009 Billboard charting, Click Mi Finga, Erup. Follow him on social media @jahstrenght.