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Good things comes to those who wait

After years of grinding the day finally came when the, "Taste Victory Tour" by  Roots/Reggae artiste Nesbeth gets underway. A cherry cheek, rather cool looking Nesbeth shares a priceless moment in his career, his first ever tour across Europe. Here are a few photos and you can keep up with his every move while on tour by following him on social media +Greg Nesbeth 

Nesbeth and Back Up Vocalist and Dancers #TasteVictoryTourGermany
After a great performance on Reggae Jam in Germany, Nesbeth continues his journey stopping in Belgium for Reggae Geel Saturday August 1st, then on to Italy...

Nesbeth back-up vocalists and mgmt Shanika Dobson
The team is having fun check out this cameo video his dancers put together and stay connected as we bring you update from his performances