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Former dancer 'Bruck Up' resurface in the music industry with a new single

l-r Mavado Bruk Up and LL Cool J 
Do you remember the acrobatic dancer Bruck Up?Years after originating the wildly popular "Bruck Up" dance and becoming an International sensation in the 90s, George "Bruck Up" Adams has resurfaced, focused on pursuing a new career path within the music industry, singing.  

The now, recording artist has released a single entitled, "Cry" born out of a personal experience which he says, "was a moment that I think many men can relate..." that moment is having a beautiful woman as his own and inspired him to write a song.
Bruck Up

Bruck Up has teamed up with ace producer Teetimus, who has worked with major artistes such as Junior 'Gong' Marley, Mr. Vegas and US R and B singer, Trey Songz. The effort yielded a club-ready electronic dance sound with an intimate, reggae-night vibe - perfect for the sexy, lyrical banter he had in mind.

Bruk Up at the recent BET Awards
"Cry fi yuh body mek me see you buss a wine" Bruck Up flows on the chorus of the single.  Recognizing the need to keep the single radio-friendly, the team has found the right balance and has come up with a song that is merely borderline edgy and which is already being embraced by radio, both in the US and in Jamaica.

Bruck Up, has been doing the rounds in the US, attending award functions, including the recent BET Awards show says he is quite confident that dancehall fans will be moved in a huge way by this single. "Dancehall is the link that keeps me grounded, wherever I am" he says. He performs on the upcoming NY concert, "Anything Goes" to be held at Club Amazuru, September 5.