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Chronixx - Get a feel of his UK tour plus; There is social media platform specifically created for Reggae

"after his time on stage, it's certain the self-titled 'dread' will want news of his resounding success on British shores to travel far and wide. In April, he told The Voice: "Please put that in the newspaper: Chronixx is really grateful for the love he's been getting in the UK. I really want everybody to see and hear that."

We've been seeing posts of sold out venues on Chronixx UK tour and wanted to know exactly how people felt about him/his performances Even the rain took a break from its scheduled programming to enjoy the soothing sounds of Jamaican reggae sensation Chronixx the Voice UK reported, a his headline show in London's Somerset House July 12.

The outspoken artist brought a taste of Jamaica - complete with a slight glimmer of sun and support from fellow singer Dre Island - to the gloomy city, which had been beaten with spells of rain throughout the day.

Even the men's final at Wimbledon ground to a halt as the rain belted down just hours before Chronixx took to the stage. But all of that was a distant memory of when the 22-year-old, complete with his four piece band, lit up the open-air venue to a sold-out crowd.

The singer, who expressed in a earlier interview with The Voice that it sometimes feels as though his music was created specially for the UK market' opened his set with the defiant Alpha and Omega. "Uplifting mi sistren, tell ah she, Selassie I love star...Babylon di system falling, But his is just di beginning...." And true to form, the night carried a similar rebel more

Trendy Reggae - A Reggae music social media platform of opportunities
Growing up in Jamaica, co-founder Tarique Smith started listening to music at an early
age when his mom would play 'old school' Reggae on the weekends. His love for the genre and style of music grew through the years, eventually landing himself a variety of jobs in the industry while in college. It was at college in 2011 when Tarique met Calvin Brown. They had teamed up to work on a social engineering class project assisting a local booking talent agency.

Through their work together, they began to brainstorm ideas of their own, Over a five year period, Calvin and Tarique created a social network community for both artistes and fans to connect, share, and discover one another. Trendy Reggae hopes to be a place where all can come to find and book talent world wide. The service is free, every artist, booking agent, and fans are only a few clicks away from creating relationships. 

Trendy Reggae makes provision for musicians to showcase their music to a broad audience without the stress of monthly fees while providing an unmatched network of opportunities.