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Is there a Rihanna/Popcaan collaboration in the making?

There are high speculations about which Dancehall artist will be featured on Pop Star Rihanna's upcoming album R8. The highly anticipated and long awaited album is expected to feature a 'Dancehall' themed track, where as mentioned on one website, Rihanna might go back to her Caribbean roots for the follow up to 2012s "Unapologetic."

Producer and founder of Mixpax Records, DJ Dre Skull, revealed to The Fader that the "Diamond" hitmaker has been contacting several Dancehall Reggae artistes to collaborate with on her forthcoming LP. "They've reached out to Popcaan but I've talked to a number of people in Jamaica that they've reached out to" Dre Skull was quoted to have said, but was quick to add, "I'm not suggesting that I know what will happen, but I do know they've talked to a bunch of artists that I know."

Now just this week Popcaan's "Where We Come From" has re-entered Billboard Reggae Chart holding down the #2 spot. This album was released June 2014 and had already hit the Billboard Reggae chart where it peaked at #2. Other speculations and/or rumour in regards to Rihanna's album is that it will be a 'Dancehall' album however that was shut down by Dre Skull who explained that RiRi's latest project would not entirely be Dancehall.

Known for creating some of the slickest slangs that have gone viral and used among other music Stars such as Canadian rapper Drake, Popcaan has several hit songs coming into his own. The possibility of a collaboration between himself and Rihanna could lead to him becoming the new leading Dancehall artiste. Now that would be something else don't you think? Yaooowww!!! that, would be crazy. KICKOUT!

Source: Latinpost