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Along your journey how do you motivate yourself? Here prominent reggae artistes Jah Cure and Chronixx share some thoughts with us check them out.

"My roots I will never forget and I will always remember the roads I travelled." - Winston Rodney

Post by Jah Cure:

"We live in an era where even the dog need a snap for IG.."

"So as I prepare my mind and heart to hit the road again, I feel the need to reason about pictures and how I interact with my FAMILY...(I prefer to call the people who support my music FAMILY). I personally fee like interaction and socialization don't  always have to be selfies, tweets and social media posts.  What happened to Human interaction?  The good old fashion hugs, hand shakes, smiles...what happened to us introducing ourselves and sharing a little more
H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I in Geneva, Switzerland
than just our physical image with each other?  Remember I'm not speaking on the behalf of the whole fraternity of Jamaican artistes...just me! I nuh really dig the paparazzi mentality and the sellebrity madness.  I love people not cellphones! I'm not always comfortable with all the lights and plastic smile ting. And this is who I am NATURALLY..its like a side effect that comes with my creativity. And just like you, and my Emperor Haile Selassie I, sometimes I don't want to be photographed, Good?  Good! As I said...I see all supporters of Jah music as family..Family! My mother would understand if I tell her I'm not in a camera mood today. One love! An nuh feel nuh way....Nuff snappin will happin from mi drop in a the #westcoast."

"Photo of H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I in Geneva, Switzerland...before instagram and camera phones.  Imagine likkle me in a world where even the dog need a snap for his IG LOL" - Posted by Chronixx

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