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Social Media Administrators Asked to Take Stringent Action Against Rogue Accounts by Artiste

Aidonia one on one with fans
In a bid to redeem his image and protect his career Dancehall artiste Aidonia appeal to the administrators of social media to remove fan-like accounts operating under his moniker.

A release state, the move is to help quarantine illicit activities by scammers who continue to swindle prospective clients of their hard earned money in exchange for services un-approved by the artiste or his management.  Aidonia's manager Lav Lawrence who is also his brother said, "it is very unfortunate and disheartening to know people in these tough economic times are cheated out of their money by cold hearted hoodlums and technological parasites giving entertainers a bad name and hurting the image of the Jamaican music industry....."

The release did not state whether or not the administrators of social media sites, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to which the requests were made have started to remove the accounts neither did it state whether or not instructions were given to remove specific accounts. However, it did mention Aidonia's apology to persons who encountered the problem pretty much saying, "those who have been scammed, I empathize with their situation, hence the reason for taking this concerted effort to rid the internet of these rogue accounts......"

What does this means for the Artiste and his dedicated  fans?
This is indeed a delicate situation as innocent fans who also make accounts in support of the artistes might be included in the take down and as such, Aidonia run the risk of losing some of his dedicated fan bases on social media.