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Reggae Jam TV Go Live on Satellite Commercial and Cable TV

Reggae Jam Television (RJTV), a USA, Caribbean and African Cable Channel Network announces it's "Bringing The Channel To The People" live broadcast will be coming soon to Satellite TV, Cable TV and Commercial TV.  The station will be broadcasting across 13 channels to include Caribbean and American comedy, Movie and Sport channels, reggae music video channel. All of 13 channels dedicated to Caribbean/American and African interest and are listed as follows:-
Ch   1 - Reggae Music Video Channel
Ch   3 - Caribbean American Movie Channel
Ch   7 - Caribbean American Sports Channel
Ch   9 - Soca Music Channel
Ch 12 - Punta Music Channel
Ch 14 - Reggaeton Music Video and Live Video Streaming Channel
Ch 17 - Caribbean American Comedy Channel
Ch 18 - On Demand
Ch 38 - History Channel
Ch 53 - Caribbean American Cooking Channel
Ch 56 - Panamanian Reggae Music Video Channel
Ch 57 - African Reggae Channel