Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Marlon Asher Release Third Album

Trinidadian Reggae artiste Marlon Asher the 'Ganja Farmer' or 'Cowboy' is set to release his third album January 13, entitled, "Illusions."  The 17 track album features thought provoking lyrics, messages and teachings of His Majesty as with "Settle Down" the 3rd track off the album that plea to youths to realize there is nothing  more powerful than the almighty and warn, "bombs and guns and brutality could take your love away from H.I.M."

Producers on the album includes Don Corleon, Chris Elliot (Digital Chris), John Cardinali and Yeti Beats. Marlon Asher grew up in Enterprise Street, Chaguanas, Trinidad.  He was a pioneer of the Trinidadian reggae movement where his first single and hit song Ganja Farmer sparked controversy in his country.

First single off 'Illusions' by Marlon Asher entitled, 'Babylon Brutality' is out now.


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