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Bob Marley's 70th - A Global Call to Love/Now More Than Ever

Two live major reggae concerts are planned for Bob Marley's 70th earthday weekend February 6-7.  The 7-hour events will be held at The Mateel in Redway and Catalyst in Santa Cruz, California. 

The events are more than celebrations of Bob Marley's 70th birthday, this is a global call to everyone to make the same commitment as Bob did - to devote our lives to healing this planet through love, forgiveness and justice. In addition to music performed by well-known recording artists - committed messages from well-known and not-so-well-known humanitarians forms part of the presentation.

A Global Call To Love Now More Than Ever is the vision of Robert Roskind and co-host, his daughter Alicia.  Roskind is an event organizer and author who has hosted over 200 such events on Native American Reservations, in maximum-security prisons and Jamaica bringing conscious artists into inner cities schools and communities island-wide.  He also organized large public concerts in Kingston, Jamaica on Bob's 57th through to 59th birthday.  Marley's 60th birthday celebration in Jamaica was funded by the Jamaican government, all of these events were free and involved no corporate, NGO or government funding.

Robert Roskind has authored eleven books that carry a message of love and forgiveness, including Rasta Heart: A Journey into One Love, The Gathering of the Healers; the Healing of the Nations, A Guide for an Awakening Planet, The Beauty Path; A Native American Journey into One Love, In the Spirit of Business and In the Spirit of Marriage

Artists to perform are Luciano, Harrison "The Professor" Stafford of Groundation, Prezident Brown, Admiral Tibet, Kenyatta Hill of Culture, Sister Carol, Reggae Angels and Indubious.  All artists are donating their time and talent as a gift to the world.  The celebration in Redway will be streamed live on and archived for free viewing anytime via a global webcast.