Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Giants of Radio Will Be Locking Daytime

Ron Muschette
After 14 years on Jamaica's rocking Reggae radio station Irie FM, veteran broadcaster Ron Muschette joins fellow veterans Richie B and Barry G on Mello FM, broadcasting from the tourist resort town of Montego Bay. Richie B who joined the station March 2013 just under a year, endorse the move, "having Richie B, Ron Muschette and Barry G on the station is a formidable line-up" he told the  Jamaica Observer citing what he calls a prophetic statement, "I took a photograph with myself, Ron, Barry G and our station Manager Al Robinson and it went viral on the internet.  I interviewed Ron asking him to set his IRIE vibe aside and take on a Mello vibe, not knowing it be prophetic..."

Ron Muschette confirmed the move on social media where he made it known that the decision came after a lot of thinking, "Parting doesn't mean we don't love each other anymore, but you've got to go.  It's time to grow and so I have to move on.  Let's look to the future with optimism...."

Ron Muschette kick off his new show, 'Perfect Mix with Ron' January 5 from 9am to 1pm. The witty broadcaster promises "lot of fun.....a new beginning" then added "it will be Ron Muschette magnified!" The show will be aired between Richie B's morning show 6am - 9am and Barry G's 1pm - 5pm. 


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Shaggy Ink Major Deal with Sony

Platinum selling, Grammy winner Orville 'Shaggy' Burrell has inked a major deal with Sony Records according to reports.  The Sony/Brooklyn Knights/Ranch Entertainment deal, will allow Shaggy to engage in the creative process of the production of his music.

The move comes swiftly after a Grammy nomination for Best Reggae album. In 1996, Shaggy won his first Grammy for the platinum selling album Boombastic.  At 47 years old, Shaggy has throughout his illustrious career signed with majors such as EMI, Virgin Atlantic, MCA and Universal.  This current deal however will be his first such since 2006. Now the man behind independent Ranch Entertainment label, gave a bit of advise in relation to the new agreement, "I've said it before, signing to a major is great, but you must establish yourself first as an artist and grown on your own.  After you've created a buzz in the streets they (record companies) will come looking and that's what happened." 


Monday, December 15, 2014

Massive Crowd Turnout to see Chronixx in New Zealand

A picture tells a thousand words as this one does.  This isn't any ordinary accomplishment pulling this type of crowd in New Zealand, Australia.  Chronixx is an inspiration to Reggae artistes and any artistes who aspire to do great things. As usual Chronixx share the moment with fans on social media, "so first we landed in the beautiful New Zealand then, from the airport we went straight to the venue and I asked @daddibarnz to take a picture of the crowd before I go on because I get a little nervous when the crowd is way bigger than I expect.  He came back with this picture..." 

Several questions were asked and doubt cast regarding the future of the Jamaican Reggae brand earlier this year.   At the end of 2014, the answer seems clearer as this young 21 year old Jamaican reclaim the legacy of his forefathers, by spreading messages of love and hope across the world while taking back the music to its folds. Chronixx has not only become world re-known but aims closer to achieving stadium status in terms of crowd pull.  The latter might not be his mission but it certainly speak to how much people appreciate his music and their desire to see him perform live. As we try to not loose focus of his true mission and his work Chronixx reminds us, "the journey continues"