Saturday, November 15, 2014

New Kabaka Pyramid Mix CD to Drop Soon

Titled, 'The Lyricist' the mix CD showcases the talent and lyrical ability of Kabaka Pyramid
who has been recently dubbed the conscious revolutionary lyricist, hailing from Kingston, Jamaica.  His unique style is a mixture of power, energy and melody blended with hip-hop and resonates throughout the entire mix.

"When coming up with the title it was so simple said producer Dev Kutta of Livity Movements. "So I didnt want to impose my views by calling the mix 'The Truth' I will let the listeners be the judge, but you cant deny that he is "The Lyricist."

Throughout the mix one will hear excerpts of Kabaka Pyramid discussing different issues on Reggae music and Rastafari.  He is an ever evolving artist whose musical gifts embodies his ability to creatively express himself in many ways, a trait that is evident throughout the mix.

'The Lyricist' mix CD will be released on Tuesday November 18, 2014


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Insta Hot Reggae/Dancehall Celebrity Picks


Posting pics on Instagram is a hobby and fans of artistes worldwide get hooked on just waiting for that next pic.  Check out some of our favorite IG picks.

When your friend is Drake and post a photo of you on IG.....

Or when you are Tessanne Chin and get to meet all the cool people 
#SoulTrainAwards #WolfBlitzer #theboriskodjoe #livwarfield

When the GrungGaad is feeling good about his dress code
So you go overseas and randomly run into Sean Kingston

#wayup #stayup
Or when you are Macka Diamond and record a gospel track produced by Danny Brownie

When you are JanefrFinch and share a photo with the world looking girly 

#Ifthiswasbackinthedays ....
When you are Foota Hype (Doreen Boi) and deck out in all black 
When Bounty Killer and King Jammys are in one photo 

When you taste victory 

Throw Back

When your 'Throw Back Thursday' photo is of yourself receiving an award from Will Smith
Will Smith and I #BadBoys #ShyGuy #Cannes

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rebel Salute to Honour The Late Jacob Miller

Promoters of the annual Rebel Salute event which is held at Richmond Estate in the parish
Jacob Miller
of St. Ann, will pay homage to the late roots singer Jacob Miller at it 2015 staging.

Chief organiser and reggae artiste Tony Rebel, told the Jamaica Observer that the international reggae group Inner Circle whom Jacob Miller was lead singer during the late 1970s will also be a part of the tribute along with Third World band.

Inner Circle members
Jacob Miller became a prominent reggae artiste in the late 1960s when he recorded the Studio One hit single Message, but his hit songs Tenement Yard and Chapter A Day that he recorded whilst with Inner City band might be his most popular tracks that people are reminded  of him.

Jacob Miller died in a car accident at age 27 in 1980.

Every year Flames Production stage what has become a staple on the live music events calendar.  Rebel Salute, spearheaded by Reggae artiste Tony Rebel and Queen Ifrika celebrate it's 20th Anniversary at the Richmond Estate in Priory, St. Ann.  Starting out as a concert to celebrate the birthday of reggae icon Tony Rebel, Rebel Salute has evolved into si much more capturing the adoration of roots reggae lovers worldwide; magnetically pulling thousands of people to areas of Jamaica's South Coast not traditionally famous for live music festivals.

It serves a strict vegetarian menu complimented by a diet of cultural roots rap from Reggae's finest.  In tandem with this, is the concept of a drug-free, violence-free and non alcoholic event. Combined with the warm hospitality and abundant culture of the Jamaican people.