Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Story of Latoya 'JanefrFinch' Jane continues; Keep Watching Her Grow

Some great things are happening for the hardworking and driven Canadian rapper/mom 
Latoya with fans in Kingston
Latoya 'JanefrFinch' Jane recently visited Jamaica to shoot a new video for another Dancehall inspired track she has coming out shortly, connecting with her Jamaican roots. Her visit to the island came ahead of the screening of a documentary/film she produced called 'Creature' in Canada.

JanefrFinch was once a notorious gangster who hails from Jane and Finch in Toronto Canada and fought alongside her brother gang members with a ferociousness that earned her the name 'Creature,' experiencing many deaths and burials and landed her in jail where she spent years in isolation. She emerged driven to make her life right, and these days, the 27 year old mom is reaping some success, earning the attention of society once again, not negatively has it once was, but inspiring!

Jane posted a section of letter she received from NBC USA, where the producer of the popular Maury Show, express interest in her motivational talks which she voluntarily give in schools in Canada, "the reason as to why I am writing is because we are always looking for new motivational speakers to help tape our 'after shoot' for our teen shows...." the letter read.

Latoya 'JanefrFinch' Jane's mission is to leave the world of being a gangster and become an accepted figure in society who is looked upon and admired as a role model for women (especially those of similar background) to draw inspiration from. As she step away from her gangster lifestyle many still have doubts about her ability to pull it off, writer KJ Mullins of NewZ4U.Net asked in a review '....is that life firmly entrenched into her fabric?" and, "who is the real Latoya, a woman who wants to change her community or the gangsta who glorifies a criminal way of life?"

Latoya promise these questions will be answered as she presses on, she has won 'Best Director' award at the Commffest Film Festival 2014 in Toronto for her film 'Creature' now being shopped in film festivals worldwide.  She is an interesting individual who only God and time knows who she will become. For us, we will continue to watch her grow.


Monday, September 29, 2014

Nesbeth Re-Energized a School Population Weeks after the Compound Became the Centre of a Crime Scene

Students of Tacky High School in St. Mary, Jamaica 'wild out' with a burst of energy to the
exciting performance of one of Reggae's finest, roots artiste Nesbeth.  Tacky High School was thrown into the spotlight a few weeks ago when, the school's watchman's body was reportedly found with what appeared to be gunshot wounds on the compound. There was other unfortunate incidents that would have brought about a sense of distress among students and the entire school body.  Earlier this year, robbers set fire to the entire administrative block of the school. 

As part of the The Jamaica Observer Teenager High School Tour across the island, Nesbeth was invited to entertain the students of Tacky High and he did 'turn up' their energy levels and took away some of the unpleasantness they have been experiencing over the past months, if only for a short while.

The students were appreciative and receptive towards him showing how much they approved with an overwhelming response to his performance. Understanding their pain and empathising with their loss Nesbeth show out, then spent some time interacting with the students, he even had a word of advise for them before he headed back to Kingston watch! 


Jamaican Dance Choreographer Orville Hall's Successful Bid to Introduce Dance Moves from the Dancehall to the Classroom

It's a break through for a well thought out plan, Dance Choreographer Orville Hall will be
Hall and the Dance Xpression Dancers
conducting a three months course in teaching 'Dancehall moves' at his Alma mater the, Excelsior Community College located in the parish of St. Andrew, Jamaica according to the Jamaica Observer.

Orville Hall in his quest to 'preserve Dancehall and show others that there are sections of the genre that can be taught in schools' and that 'people can get accredited and certified,' submitted a layout course to the H.E.A.R.T Trust NTVET and subsequently gotten the approval. The three-months course out-line according to Hall will see children introduced to mainly contemporary moves that capture the elements of ska, revival and kumina dances quickly pointing out that the more popular dances requires more practicing, "...years..and before a person can call himself a dancer, he would have needed to learn the language of dance as any musician does with music." he told the Observer.

Members of Orville Hall's Dance Xpression team Shelly Challum, Stacy-Ann Facey, Sherene
Davis and Nacole Trowers make of the list of tutors for the course as well as Kent
Robinson and Chad 'Global Bob' Torrington.  Hall's lesson plan includes techniques of the late, flamboyant dancer Gerald 'Bogle' Levy whom Hall reiterates that his (Bogle's) dance moves are still very popular in Europe.  "It is one of the few dances that has identifiable steps, new-school dances looks more like hip-hop. Bogle is a very important model in the dance genre. Bogle, Hall further stated, created the famous 'Bogle Dance' and left us with the 'Willy Bounce' which are still, two of the most popular dance moves identified with Dancehall worldwide. 

Orville Hall founded Dance Xpression in 2000 and since he has been travelling across the world teaching/sharing Jamaican dances with various interest groups.  Hall conducted classes while he was a full-time student at Excelsior Community College in 1998 where he assisted with writing the course for the Urban Contemporary Folk (dancehall course), "Patsy Rickets, Kenny Salmon and myself were responsible.." he recalled. After graduating in 2000 Hall returned a year later to earn an Associate Degree in the Performing Arts and stayed with the College for 11 years writing skits as well as getting the school involved in Jamaica Cultural Development Commission activities.

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