Saturday, September 6, 2014

Kabaka Pyramid Spurred Excellent Reviews From His Shows While on Tour

Bebble Rock Music recording artiste Kabaka Pyramid has recently returned to Jamaica
after a successful eight weeks US and Europe tour with his band the Bebble Rockers.  The 'liberal opposer' embarked on his journey in June with appearances in California, New Orleans, Texas and Washington State.  

He then continued the mission rocking festival crowds across the Netherlands, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy and Spain delivering high energy sets and spreading his messages of conscious awakening.  

The lyricist is spurred by the excellent reviews of his shows, What a energy from the people at Rototom" he posted August 18 on facebook earning encores at marquee reggae events such as Rototom Sunsplash, Reggaejam, Summerjam, Musa and the Sierra Nevada World Music Festivals.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Making of 'Winna' - A Lesson in Disguise shared by Chronixx Kelissa and Kamila McDonald

"How successful can you be at convincing people and even help people discover the winner inside them.." ~Chronixx~

Chronixx and sisters, Kellissa and Kamila McDonald shared an inspiring experience they had recording the single, 'Winna' by Kelissa ft. Chronixx. The two had to record, and have the track mixed and mastered before going on tour, "the whole session was intense" Kelissa said but the unthinkable happened..."the session got lost" after recording "computer know negligence we neva back up...." Kelissa shared.

By this time a worry-some Kamila tried to make sense of their delima, "everything about the song and the way it was recorded was perfect" she said, "and then how the hell you gone get it back to the perfect-ness.." ummh.
On the subject of winning, motivational speaker and educator Shiv Khera said, winners don't do different things they do things differently; they put in the extra efforts even when it hurts." Kamila's conviction resonate with a true winner, "Is how you approach those fall backs that really controls how your success rate is..." she summarized. 

#BeInspired watch 'The Making of Winna'


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nesbeth Donned Boxing Gears to Fight His Negative Past in New Video

Treat fans with free download of the popular single 'Ole Gangalee' single.

It's here folks! Nesbeth's new video for his champion single 'Taste Victory' a song with melody a brimming idealism for the future, whilst considering the truth of a harsh past.  The video stylishly portrays the reggae entertainer as a boxer, battling with his negative past...Click here to watch

In a show of appreciation to his fans Nesbeth is offering his blazing hot single Ole Gangalee off the Rebel Rock riddim for 'free download'   The single made a favourable impression across Jamaica upon it's release after radio jocks from the No. 1 Reggae radio station Irie FM found favour with it's powerful flow blended with the entertainer's signature style and good vibrations. The joint shot to No. 1 on the Reggae Vibes Jamaican Reggae chart before finding its way onto several others and has become a staple among some of the best reggae tracks released since the start of the year.