Thursday, August 7, 2014

Has Fatherhood Changed One of Reggae/Dancehall Most Potent Hardcore Artiste for Better?

"me haffi set an example fi my child so dat when him look up to me him see a great man~Aidonia~

After almost ten years as a hardcore deejay one of Jamaica's most potent Reggae/Dancehall artistes Aidonia, has taken the decision to walk along a new path both personally as well as along his musical journey.

With a surprised appearance at Reggae Sumfest 2014 Aidonia entered the stage donning a military-themed ensemble complimented with Rastafarian embellishments and gave one of his best performances to date. He told the crowd that he has become a different man and that the contentious character many have grown accustom to is but a fleeting memory.  In an interview aired on Jamaican television Aidonia explained what inspired this change "When my fiance got pregnant enuh that changed my life" he said affirming that becoming a dad is the crescendo for change "we jus look into we self from there, talk to me mother, father, talk to me family and we sat down and we just sey yow we haffi tek a different haffi set an example fi my child so dat when him look up to me him see a great man" he said in the interview.  

Still a working progress Aidonia said the overall transition will be gradual as he is still working on him but the move will affect his music "different type of music, different type of hit music" he promised. Known for tracks like 'Jook Suh and Bruki' Aidonia said "we just put out a new ting call 'One Heart" and will be putting out an album early next year, "clean album, cleeen" he emphasized.  "All new songs, a mixture of everything (dancehall/reggae) but clean" he concluded on that issue.

To the youths Aidonia said, "Education a di main ting, put Jah first and every thing else afterpositiveness we a deal wid, unity wi a deal wid, love wid a deal, nuh more gun gun dis and dat."  

Regarding personal beef and confrontation with other artistes, Aidonia speak to recent event where he along with thirteen other artistes (including arch rivals) all performed on one stage.  He said the performance was such, the audience was not only surprised but happy to see the unity and maturity of the artistes putting their differences aside. He also speak to another instance where he made a friendly gesture to Busy Signal who also responded positively in return saying "me hail him and him hail me back." 

Aidonia's plan for the near future involves shooting new videos releasing more tracks/singles as well as roll out his 1Voice or 1V collection and launch an official website for the brand.  Watch this interview with Aidonia speaking 'Onstage' a premier television entertainment show with Winford Williams, about this new shift that has enfulfed his career, fatherhood and the future here


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Happy Independence Day Jamaica

Jamaica celebrates 52 years of Independence...

Independence Day Messages: click

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cherine Anderson's 'ROC Foundation' Announces 2014 Scholars

The ROC (Reach One Child) Foundation founded by Mr. Patrick Lindsay and artiste/entertainer Ms. Cherine Anderson, have announced their selection of fourteen outstanding grade six students who are proud recipients of the 2014 ROC Scholarship.

The students have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, artistic and athletic excellence, leadership, as well as contribution to schools and communities.  "These students set really high standards for themselves.  Most have no only achieved academically, but on average they are involved in at least three extracurricular activities or hold leadership positions in their schools or community youth groups.  These students are truly models for their peers" Cherine Anderson said.

The ROC Foundation over the past two years has honoured 35 top-performing students in Jamaica.  More than 250 applicants qualified base on outstanding academic performance in the the islands GSAT examinations averaging over 80% scores.  The combined average of the selected 2014 ROC Scholars is 91%. This year's group displayed record achievements in athletics, with one student receiving more than 80 medals in competitive swimming.  More than half of the group holds club President positions or were founding members of clubs within their schools.  In addition, several scholars are medalists in the JCDC Speech, Dance and Music competitions.

"In our dynamic world of innovation, technology and global connectedness, we view a forward thinking education as a critical foundation for young people.  We are very proud of these hard working students and look forward to their continued success in the years to come," said Patrick Lindsay.

ROC Foundation 'Bits 'n' Pieces' featured here
Reach One Child (R.O.C.) The R.O.C. Foundation now accepting applicants
The R.O.C. Scholarship program was established to recognize and support 6th grade students from primary and all-age schools who demonstrate their commitment to excellence in academics, service and the arts but who also have a financial need. The program provides both renewable as well as one-year grants for their high school years. Scholarships are meant to be supplementary and generally cover full tuition, text-books, uniform and supplies for those who qualify. To apply online visit R.O.C. Foundation was established in 2004 by singer/actress Cherine Anderson and Patrick Lindsay.