Saturday, July 26, 2014

Happy National Dance Day

As dancers across the world celebrate 'Happy National Dance Day' we take time to send shoutouts to the many dancers across Jamaica's music industry. Dancing goes hand in hand with much of Dancehall music, it's fun and provides an income for many Jamaicans who thrive on the small but growing industry. 

We also remember late Dance icons Bogle and Ice who contributed tremendously to the popularity of the art in Jamaica.  If you have not done so already, download Dr. Shaka Pow McDonald's 'Dancing 101' album memorablia, a collection of dance songs that captures 'dance moves' by some of Jamaica's best Dancers over 10 years.


Aidonia Plan to Launch V1/1Voice Clothing Line

"Ever since my emergence in the music industry I've always wanted to dabble into other aspects of business...." 

Dancehall artiste Aidonia is getting ready to launch his new 1V or 1Voice clothing line within the coming weeks.  Known for having a keen sense of fashion, the deejay will once and for all roll out his fashion clothing for men, women and subsequently children.

Aidonia and Mr. Renzo
Aidonia in explaining how he took the decision to embark on this venture told the media that fans have not only made inquiries about his music CDs but clothing merchandise, "It's also something the fans have been demanding for years" he said.

V1 or !Voice collection will showcase tank tops, pullovers, t'shirts, hats and caps and will be made available in stores across the island.  An official website will be launched to allow for international purchases.


Friday, July 25, 2014

LL Cool J Drops New Single 'The Hustler" Featuring Mavado

It's here folks, fourteen years after releasing his chart-topping album G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) LL Cool J, the hip-hop veteran has announced the sequel, G.O.A.T. 2 featuring Mavado according to

Instead of charming the ladies, LL takes it to the streets with the Gully Gad on his dark and gritty single, "The Hustler," produced by Jerry Wonda.
"These streets ain't loyal / These snakes uncoil right there for you / Family separated like water and oil," he raps over the ominuous beat.

Mavado croons, "The streets got so many stories untold.......let me introduce you to the streets faded glory..." click to listen


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Shaggy Rocks Hollywood Bowl Before the Commencement of his Six Weeks "Out of Many One Music' Tour

When Shaggy took the stage at the Hollywood Bowl in New York recently the very large crowd went wild. Dressed in black shorts and white shirt the newly wed launched into an upbeat, uptempo performance his fans appreciate so much. He began his performance with hits such as 'Long Time and Bonafide Girl' and had his audience singing and swaying to the beats. The Grammy Award winner got his audience turn up having them engage in his performance and when he started singing 'Mr Boombastic then Oh Carolina' the very huge crowd at the Hollywood Bowl was by now in their elements, fully enjoying every bit of his performance. In a show of appreciation fans took to social media, one posted "you were amazing in Hollywood last night, you are not just a singer, you are an entertainer" on Shaggy's facebook page.

Shaggy, who has been on his 'Out of Many One Music' tour over the past months is also working on another album in between shows. He is scheduled to perform in Hawaii then off to the UK and Europe where he is expected to perform in Bristol, Winchester, Liverpool, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Slovakia and back to New York August 29.