Saturday, July 12, 2014

VP Records 35th Anniversary Pop-Up Exhibit to Debut at NYC's Annual Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival

The Reggae power house celebrate 35 years, sharing their story and history of Reggae music with state-of-the-art display designed by Michael Thompson.

New York - From ska to rocksteady, roots reggae to dub, lover's rock to dancehall - VP Records has been at the forefront of Jamaica's musical evolution.  2014 marks the 35th anniversary when its founders Vincent and his wife Patricia Chin moved their headquarters from Kingston, Jamaica to Jamaica, New York transforming their operations to the largest reggae company worldwide. On Sunday July 20th, 2014, VP Records will celebrate their story and the history of reggae music with a special pop-up exhibit that will debut at the fourth annual Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival, held at Queens' Roy Wilkins Park. 

The VP Records 35th Anniversary exhibit will feature a visually appealing storyboard installation designed by Michael Thompson. There will be a detailed map exploring the global impact of reggae music in every continent and an illustrative timeline covering each era - beginning in 1958 (when the Chins established Randy's Record Mart and Studio 17 in Kingston, Jamaica).

Patricia Chin (Ms. Pat)
A Short video documentary will air as part of the installation. The video's narrator and Sirius XM Reggae personality Pat McKay will walk the viewers through the social and political history of Jamaican music and explain how VP Records is a key contributor to its growth, development and future. In an excerpt from the video, McKay explains that "Vincent and Pat's move to New York and the founding of VP Records's Distribution formed an independent and vital channel from Jamaica to the world.  The classic recordings of the period made an indelible mark and established reggae as a dominant form of the developing 'worl music' genre."

VP Records co-founder Patricia Chin along with her sons Christopher and Randy Chin, who run and operate the label today, will be on site at Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival and available for interviews.  After the exhibit's debut, the label plans to take this travelling installation into other markets throughout the rest of the year.


Rootz ReLeaf - An Environmental Preservation Project Inspired by Rootz Underground

While on the road in the U.S. West Coast, Jamaican roots rockers Rootz Underground had an epiphany. Inspired by the green living and evvironmental friendliness they saw throughout Oregon, Washington and California, Rootz Underground started an environmental project for themselves, their fans, and eventually for school children in Jamaica and beyond.  Rootz ReLeaf originally began as a program to inspire people to plant trees and track the locations of the new transplants, creating a new network of awareness and pro-environmental action. ReLeaf sprouted in 2011 with an official kick-off on Earth Day, April 22, 2012.

On tour, Rootz Underground was inspired by the brethren and sistren they saw tirelessly working in the realms of nature preservation, food safety and propagation, and environmental health.  As the band passed through San Jose, CA, their dear friend Shama Cameron introduced them to a farm called Veggielution, which specializes in community empowerment and involvement, creating community gardens and access to local healthy food.  The seed was sown to grow ReLeaf to the next level, bringing environmental awareness and activism to the children and schools with Rootz REAP. ReLeaf Environmental Awareness Program.

Rootz Underground
To help spread the message far and wide, REAP garnered the support of Lasco, a Jamaican company specializing in food production and distribution.  As a company, Lasco has a strong reputation for their involvement in sustainable development; community, social and youth empowerment; and education and health - a perfect partner for REAP.  In the words of Rootz Underground's lead singer Stephen Newland, "the chairman of the organization, the Honorable Lascelles Chin, has been a visionary, and as such, saw the great potential of the [REAP] initiative, and immediately affixed his signature...Since then, the company as been actively involved in the program, and has placed itself at the helm of REAP corporate support."

Newland continues, recounting REAP's main objectives:
[REAP] facilitates children's involvement in safe environmental activities [and] incentivizes children in three main environmental areas: tree planting, recycling and energy conservation.  We are also actively engaging the community through our Lasco REAP National Schools Competition, and have recently completed our Schools Engagement Tour and [other] special events.  As of February 2014, we welcomed the participation of 128 schools and expanded the competition to include all age, preparatory and junior high.

REAP has already experienced massive success and growth at home in Jamaica.

More on REAP


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Kabaka Pyramid Impactful Performances; Robert Burchell hit IFOL stage in Chicago

Kabaka Pyramid and Bebble Rock Band
Kabaka Pyramid is everywhere, since June 19 when he kicked off his US tour with Bebble Rockers band.  His performances are much talked about as with Sierra Nevada World Music Festival where he had a very receptive audience after an explosive show of talent that had media flocking him after the show. This trait continued across Washington state, Santa Cruz California, San Antonio and Austin in Texas, Jacksonville Florida and New Orleans where he performed for the first time at the Freret St. Caribbean Festival.

Kabaka Pyramid at MUSA Festival
The rastaman artist behind hard hitting lyrics such as 'Free From Chains' and 'Never Gonna Be a Slave' left the United States for Europe where he made his first stop in Portugal July 2nd. His performance at MUSA Festival was even more encouraging, the huge crowd embraced him wanting more and more.  Kabaka Pyramid's next stop was in Koln, Germany where he performed for over twenty thousand patrons and as the reception to his performances increase this very promising Reggae artiste continue to drive home messages of inspiration and hope in his music having twelve more venues to cover before he return to Jamaica August 16.  

Robert Burchell Performed his First Major Show As Artiste
In it's second year at Union Park, the 22nd African Caribbean International Festival of Life (IFOL) saluted the independent countries of Africa, the Caribbean, Central America, South America and Mexico with the center piece July 4th 'Carnival of Nations' procession featuring representatives of 50 nations, proudly waving the flags of their countries. 

Robert Burchell live IFOL

Robert Burchell the musician of twenty five years who embarked on his solo career January 2014 made his first performance on a major stage at (IFOL), at home (Chicago) away from home (Jamaica).  Robert performed singles off his debut album 'Agape' including his most popular, 'Never Judge a Book' and current 'Welcome to Jamaica' to warm reception.  

Robert on set Welcome to Ja
Robert Burchell spent months in Jamaica promoting his singles two of which have been enjoying steady rotation across radio stations in Jamaica. Ahead of his performance at (IFOL) he wrapped up scenes for "Welcome to Jamaica" video soon to be released. Click to Watch Robert perform


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mavado/Rihanna Collab?

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Mavado and Rihanna

Well we are not about to let this one just past by because this might just be his biggest collaboration to date, Mavado and Rihanna!! Gully Gad continues to show class teaming up with some of the biggest names in rap and now Pop.  Hoping the collab is not just good but Great!

I have some serious work 4 my fans coming bigup

Watch the slayage when Ms Riri touch down ina Dancehall...Up! Up!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Mavado LL Cool J Collaboration Confirmed; ZJ Liquid for B.E.T. 106&Park

Mavado and LL Cool J
As some legit real good sparks have been igniting in the Jamaican Music Industry since the start of the year, one Dancehall artiste who can be accredited for helping to make the genre stay alive in the last year or two amidst some challenging times is Mavado. Continuing along this trend, last week, while he was in New York, Mavado recorded a single with Hip-Hop icon LL Cool J. According to a release, Mavado had this to say about this very special moment, "it was an honour and joy to have the opportunity and knowing an icon like LL Cool J respect Dancehall and the Gully Gad." 

Mavado continues to break barriers, under Hip-Hop mogul DJ Khaled's We The Best Music label.

ZIP Jock Liquid for 106 and Park live show
"What dat Liquid???? ZIP Jock Liquid @ZJLiquid straight out of Kingston, Jamaica for a live appearance on BET 106 and Park live show Monday July 7th at 6:00pm. This will be an historic moment, the first radio dj/host from Jamaica to make an appearance on a major television network as B.E.T.  ZJ Liquid will be a 'Special Guest DJ' and we hope he play chune like he's known to do yup! In preparation for the show Liquid tweet: 
On the road in New York and my cousins a sort out me locks while we on the move 106park_universe later…  
Now that's EPIC! #GwaanLiquid Up! Up!