Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dolli Difference on her music personality and work ethic

Dolli Difference
Although Dolli Difference is a 'Gangsta Girl" this stylish,model type chick has a boom personality, "Sophi, a so me stay yah man sometimes me inna work mode and it show when me up and about because me serious and me waan people to know dat about me that I am serious when it's comes to my work" she said when we ran into each other recently.

Dolli Difference has been a Dancehall artiste since 2005 and manage to carve her own niche in the very competitive industry. Having four tracks (Lingerie, Yours, Back Bench and Vacuum) on the UK Dancehall Promo Street Chart hosted by DJ Mastermix, I asked her, "how did you survive?"  she responded, "dem sey Dancehall is a mans' world so that mean female artistes have to work twice as hard.  Me love me music and while me respect me peers and those before me who set it, Dolli dare to be different."  Of course I wanted to know so I ask, "how so?" and she said, "me nah try fi be anyone else but Dolli Difference, me nuh sound like no other artiste and my music is all me I sing what the riddim tells me and in relation to my own personal experience, so it's always, all about meee, Dolli Difference."

Diss ya Dolli different fi true doe I thought, I was listening her music (of which I'm a fan) so I told her how much I really like them she said blushing, "Sophia me know me haffi bring it and get di respect a de people dem." So I turned up 'Gangsta Girl' which was the next track we about to listen.

[pree da one deh ova deh suh!] click to listen 'Clean Cut'
Dolli tend to be shy but act bold when it comes to her work.  She is focused and
know what she wants and how to deliver it. I smiled hard when I heard "Clean Cut" and looked at her nodding my approval and she was like, "Sophi, woman pree men to enuh (smiling) yeah man we ladies love to see a real man so me caan sey 'gangsta girl' and nuh big up di man dem." I nodded in agreement while taking in the lyrics, dis one yah a gwaan I thought, yeah man, big up di man dem too yow!

[Every song weh mi sing Shell Weh]
Dolli Difference 
Dancehall encompass every aspect of life and art so it is  easy to overlook originality. Dolli's riddim selection speak volume about her effectiveness. It also demonstrate her understanding of what she need to do to enhance her music presentation. You will seldom hear a track by her that does not grab your attention.

step ina di store and me buy sumn sexy, tell me self me a go home go surprise me baby] Lingerie
To understand Dancehall music one must learn to accept the characters these artistes introduce us to. As unfavourable a character some may be, never fail to recognize Art! Dolli is live art, she is real, what she brings is embedded in her. Her music is alluring, yet one get the feeling of authenticity and originality, complemented by raw talent which helps you to accept the character easily. 

#Barz [white squall a dance ova me like Mr. Wacki] click to listen Me and God Alone
"Me and God Alone" haffi be my chune still! Dolli's story is one of hard work and perseverance which she describes on this track. Recorded by her and the multi-talented singer/songwriter Sophia Squire, Dolli describe some harder days she faced. "Nuh food, nuh place to live, nuh good bed fi sleeep! Sophia if a callaloo and dumplin me just eat dat, nah pay dat nuh mine cause me have life, at least one thing fi give God thanks for" she said. So she kept reminding herself fi [gwaan watch di pace cause mi know one day me ago lock it.] O! "real original, real original gangsta girl..

Teflon Hit Israeli Kaboom Magazine Pulication and Prepares for his 'Next Generation' Album Release

With his sophomore reggae album 'Next Dimension' only weeks away from hitting stores, Yard A Love recording artiste Teflon continues make impressive strides internationally.  The St. Mary native is the latest in a selected group of Jamaican entertainers to be featured in an Israeli publication

The Reggae crooner is featured in the latest edition of Israel's Kaboom Magazine where he speaks about his career, from the perils of his musical infancy and recovering from the recent death of his road manager and friend Ricardo Lowe.

Alluding to the question and re-occurring trend of many Jamaican artistes gaining recognition yet failing to maintain relevance Teflon told Kaboom Magazine, "the musical environment in Jamaica is extremely competitive, where the strong survive and the weak fades.  As an artiste I cannot be complacent if I want to remain relevant and conquer this business. So the onus is on every artiste to make a concerted effort to put in that extra effort where needed."

Currently promoting the singles I'm Sure and Same Struggles which features Capleton, Teflon is working assiduously to improve his image across the European and African markets where he enjoys a growing fan base.  

Amidst working on his album the 'Love and Adore You' singer recently inked a major distribution deal with US company New Millionaire Entertainment (NME) to handle exclusively both digital and physical distribution and marketing of his music for downloadable mobile and video contents.  The dissemination will be done in conjunction with Universal Records.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Where has the teaching of Marcus Garvey the music of Bob Marley or the fight fought by Peter Tosh left us? "Bring Back the Paradise"

"We as a people seems to have lost some important values and need to be reminded that these very small and seemingly trivia elements are important guidelines to our daily lifestyle and upbringing." ~Wormbass~
Reggae recording artiste Wormbass released a remix of a new single entitle "Bring Back the Paradise" featuring Dancehall doctor Beenie Man, a song he say is a reminder to society that love begins in the home. "We as a people seems to have lost some important values and need to be reminded that these very small and seemingly trivia elements are important guidelines to our daily lifestyle and upbringing" says Wormbass who has been a musician for 27 years. He is the founder of Blaze Band and have travelled across the world working with Beenie Man as band leader and Bass player.  "Things evolve but there are certain values we must keep. We have lost our self worth, the teaching of Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley or the fight Peter Tosh fought has little or no effect on the greater society, morals have vanished" he said.

Wormbass is a man of experience,he has produced Chaka Demus and Pliers,Luciano, A.O.N., Queen Ifrica, Blessed, Prophecy and Lenn Hammond to name a few.Worm also played bass on the soundtrack, "How Stella Got Her Groove Back." His years of travel on tours has been his greatest intellectual asset being able to meet, mix and mingle with people of various cultures and beliefs helped him to appreciate how he was brought up, "I remember growing up I could not walk by Ms Jane and don't tell her good morning, I better not, because she would give me a whopping and that's the beginning because as soon as she tell this to my mother it's another whopping" he said.  It takes a community to grow a child and this is Wormbass's argument, common courtesies such as "telling your kids in the home good morning is where love start from" he said.

  The single "Bring Back the Paradise" was inspired by these thoughts and is the beginning
of a new path Wormbass has taken.  The song is a production of indie labels Jahbirth New Limited and Explorer Recording and makes up a compilation EP that is scheduled for release ending July.  Wormbass remain a musician but has ventured into this newly founded career path, "I have been behind the scenes for years, not being able to or maybe it was not the appropriate time to lend my own voice, but everyone has something to say so I choose now to say what I have to say" he said adding " basically after all the glamour, glitter and all the tours I think Jah the father has humbled me to do something special so this is it."

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

International Reggae Day

July 1, 2014 marks 20 years since the inception of International Reggae Day (IRD) celebrated in Jamaica in a 24-hour global media festival celebrating the best of Jamaica's creativity and its impact on culture world. International Reggae Day began in 1994 and became the first ever calendar event to be officially proclaimed and dedicated to reggae music. 

How are you dressed for IRD?
Persons are reminded to wear reggae colours.... 

SunCity 104.9FM Portmore St. Catherine Jamaica
IRD Activities
Plant a tree or tune into the reggae stations worldwide in recognition of the day.  Among the local stations that will host programmes dedicated to the day are IRIE FM, Mello FM, Mega Jamz and Television Jamaica.

Nations Unite for Peace International Reggae Day follow


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Reggae/Dancehall and Other Music News in June Highlights

Days leading up to the ending of May and throughout the month of June has been better for the Jamaican Music Industry. A record number of albums have been released with even more to come and tour opportunities increased. There has also been major development for some artistes which we are pleased to highlight in this our monthly recap of Reggae/Dancehall and other Music News throughout the month of June.

Major Label Deals Endorsement and Development for Local Dancehall Artistes
The month of June was filled with inspiring stories and development for many artistes. 17 year old Reggae/Dancehall artiste Samantha J best known for hit single, 'Tight Up Skirt' inked a major record deal with label giants, Columbia Records.  According to TMZ who claimed to have obtained a copy of the deal, if Samantha sticks with Columbia throughout her 6th album she will become a very rich 17 year old earning up $1.1 million advance
Omi, whose smash hit 'Cheerleader' is still a hot number, also inked a major deal with Ultra Music via Sony Music Entertainment.  Omi's first project for the label is a remix of 'Cheerleader,' he goes on tour across Europe July 15 through to August 4. Other development with the Jamaican Dancehall Industry involves Aidonia and Bounty Killer sampling frontman for pop supergroup Black Eyed Peas and multi-faceted musician 'It's Your Birthday' single. Did Mavado collab with L.L. Cool Jay? Keep watching, let's see what the month of July produces.

New 'Tifa Sig Line' Headphones
The announcement of 'Tifa Sig Line' headphones signals the accomplishment of another major endorsement for a Dancehall artiste. Tifa announced the news recently and said it involves partnering with Sound Is Genius to launch a line of headphones that will hit select stores of telecommunications giant Digicel and other electronic stores across the island. Tifa has been 'Teen Choice' four time winner of Best Female Dancehall Artiste of the Year. Recently, she also inked a record deal with North-American independent label Island King Record, founded by a team of industry professionals base in New York and Canada.

May 17 is officially 'Sanchez Day' Miramar Florida
Reggae singer Sanchez was honoured at Unifest for his career accomplishments and contribution to reggae music.  On Saturday May 17, Commissioner Alexandra Davis on behalf of Mayor Lori Mosley and fellow commissioners of the city of Miramar, presented Kevin 'Sanchez' Jackson with a proclamation; citing May 17, 2014 as the official 'Sanchez Day' in the City of Miramar...more

Tessanne Chin Embark on Her First US Tour
The Season 5 winner of NBC The Voice, tours with past stars and this season's finalists.
Her first stop will be at the San Antonio, Majestic Theatre and they are expected to perform in over 20 cities or 30 venues across Texas, Florida, Atlanta, Charlotte, New York City, Baltimore and Canada to name a few.  The Voice Tour ends August 2. Tessanne's long awaited 'Count On My Love' album drops July 1st. 

Konshens Tours Europe with Newly formed 'Di BluePrint' Band
Konshens tours Europe with his newly formed 'Di BluePrint' band and will be performing  in over twenty cities. The tour has taken him across the Indian Ocean to Reunion Island, Mayotte and Mauritius and he will also perform at SummerJam, Oland Roots Reggae Festival and MUSA Festivals.


Another Billboard Hit for Dancehall
Yaaowwwww! Kudos to Popcaan whose debut album 'Where We Come From' #WWCF has hit Billboard Reggae Album Chart at #2 and the Heatseekers Album Chart at #21!

Bits 'n' Pieces (Music Business)
90 Days of Summer '90 Days 90 Ways
The Jamaican Government through the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment have re-branded and about to launch "JamRock Summer - "90 Days 90 Ways" as part of it's initiative of pushing entertainment to attract visitors to the island.. more

Why Amazons approach to licensing could be the future of Digital music?
Even though the just-launched Amazon Music Price is receiving some criticism, it hints at a future with different types of subscription services and different prices more
Entertainment Zones Identified in Jamaica!
The Jamaican Government identified entertainment zones for future development, "the vision for Palisadoes is to have seven particular venues I hope that over time to come it might reflect what Miami Beach is" Minister Damion Crawford more

Billboard + Twitter Real-Time Chart
Billboard + Twitter Real-Time Chart records the fastest moving song on Twitter over an hour. In a Podcast on Billboard's weekly half-hour audio breakdown associate Jason Lipshutz and Billboard associate director of charts Keith Caulfield discuss among other news, the just-launched Billboard Twitter Real- Time charts, and why they're an essential new part of the charts world more