Saturday, June 21, 2014

Preditor get mad again and resurface with new track 'Walk Holy' ft. Lukie D

Yes Preditor, best known for 2005 hits, 'Mad Sick Head Nuh Good,' Mad Again' and 'Head Gone' has resurfaced with a new and exciting Dancehall track called, "Walk Holy" featuring Lukie D.  According to Preditor, "A nuh gospel, is a lifestyle, a it we a sey right now cause if we sing bout demon di pickney dem a go sing bout demon to and we nah support dat so we haffi change up di ting." 

"Walk Holy" is a dancehall purge, Lukie D drive home the catchy chorus as Preditor 'preech' the verse.  "A nuff artiste a rise up inna dancehall and do dem ting and we nah fight gainst dem but all inna we 'madness' we know sey we nuh fi cross di line" and if you do cross the line according to Preditor "den a energy ago hit you if you nah Walk Holy." 

Preditor became a hit-maker back in 2005 when he found tracks 'Mad! Sick! Head Nuh Good!' and took the industry by storm and just when you thought he could not raise lift the dancehal hype he created, he dropped 'Mad Again' then 'Head Gone' impacting the industry in ways, many artistes only dream of. Preditor quickly became an household name and was performing across the Caribbean, Canada and the United States by popular demand.

'Walk Holy' comes off the Xcited riddim, the second major production of Realinkz
Productions label. The first riddim entitled Pepper Brain, featured tracks by Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Stacious, Preditor and more.   Realinkz Productions is the pet peeve of the Wright family in Grants Pen, Kingston. 'Xcited riddim' has been out in all digital retail stores and features other tracks by popular Reggae/Dancehall artistes Sizzla Kolanji, King Beenie Man, Singing Sweet, Nature, Kibaki, Flex ft. Winjy, Gage, Israel and Massacre

Preditor's career seem to have been dormant for while but when quizzed about it he said he has been roaming the studios in search of another hit, "mi neva stop werk, apart from Bounty Killa, mi general who look out fi mi sometime, music a di only other source whey provide fi mi and mi pickney dem comfortably"  he said. Although he recorded several tracks none even came near to the hits he's known for. Well not until "mi find dis. "Walk Holya di chune yah now, a crazy people a tell we sey it bad! Plus as me sey, a we dis, a whey we stan fa, when 'Walk Only" drop a Grants Pen man, di whole place get mad, yeah man a we sey #nuhmedication!" Preditor said laughing.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

"I Am"! by Laura Aiisha

Laura 'Aiisha' Haykel has since recently "been getting back into the creative pursuits that nourish me so much" she said. This process has been unfolding over the last several years and has yielded something very special that has been released this month, her very first solo CD entitled, "I Am"! "I'm so excited to share this music with you" she said. "It's soulful, heartfelt, inspiring, and is absolutely the perfect collection of songs to uplift and inspire you as we head into summer!" 

The 6 track CD is Available for digital download here


Monday, June 16, 2014

Omi featuring Busy Signal on new single and more Reggae News Today

Omi and Busy Signal latest single
Omi releases new single featuring Busy Signal called "Colors Of My Lip" the track produced by Clifton 'Specialist' Dillon is yet another potential chart buster click to listen

Tessanne Prepares for Voice Tour
It Starts!!! she tweeted, #VoiceTour. Tessanne shares with her fans a video of her Jacqui Lee, Will Chaplin among other runners up of the 2013 NBC The Voice.  Helloooo!! she went on and hash tagged #VoiceTourRehearsal

Sanchez Return to the Reggae Sumfest Stage
After 9 years, Reggae recording artiste Sanchez will make a grand entrance at Reggae Sumfest 2014, he performs on International Night 2, July 9th.  In a release Sanchez who was recently honoured at Unifest, Miramar Florida has this to say, "Its a joy to be able to return home and perform on one of the greatest reggae shows on earth, Reggae Sumfest.  I look forward to performing for all my fans and promise it will be a night you don't want to miss."

Heavy Rains could not damper Shaggy's Buffalo New York appearance recently
Nope! Shaggy was not about to disappoint thousand of fans despite heavy rains in Buffalo New York recently.  Before entering the stage Shaggy expected the down pour but decided against a non performance.  Very much appreciative of his gesture the crowd chanted, SHAGGY! SHAGGY! about mid-way into a 'tun up' performance.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day Dad 'Just Like You'

"Just like you ooh ooo....that's what I wanna be.."

I want my son to grow up and be just like you daddy......
Chris Martin and the legendary Stevie Wonder
" father and I have just as great a bond [as my mom] so it was only fitting that I did a song for him as well.  Happy Fathers Day to all the great and responsible fathers out there.  The real GENERALS!!!! I'm very proud of this project and I'm happy I got the opportunity to highlight my father who is truly my dadz and my general" Chris Martin.

Having done a single for his mother, Reggae singer Chris Martin tribute to his dad and all 'great and responsible fathers' on Fathers Day titled 'Just Like You,' is still one of our favourite father's day tribute.  

Although you have passed and gone, memories of you forever remain in my heart..Happy Father's Day Lloyd McKay #Dada and all fathers.