Saturday, May 31, 2014

Reggae/Dancehall and other music news in May highlights

Reggae/Dancehall and other music news (Bits 'n' Pieces) highlights throughout the month of May 2014

30/05/14 Albums Galore
Albums! albums! albums! Oh yes, albums coming at you like never before but it's all good. Jamaican artistes have taken a step in a positive direction. We missed a few releases including the début albums of Bugle 'Anointed' and D' Major 'It's Major.'  You know you're D'Major's A1 from day 1 if you're still rockin 'QT' Demo.  Big up to those who snatched Billboard Reggae Albums #1 spot like Sean Paul 'Full Frequency' rrrrrrr, singy, singy Taurus Riley 'Love Situation' and Chronixx 'Dread and Terrible' project, it's a good look.  Big ups to Tafari who also hit Billboard Reggae Albums chart with his début album 'Rud3 Lov3' off his indie Rud3 Music label. Support the music by purchasing the album(s) of your choice #1Love. 

20/5/14 Michael Jackson's Hologram Wows The Billboard Music Awards!
Close to five years after his death a virtual Michael Jackson stole the show at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards with a 'Hologram'

8/05/14 Linkage Radio handed down Lifetime Achievement and other Awards 
Chronixx and I-Octane walked away with three awards each at the 5th annual Linkage Awards recently at Evander Child's High school in the Bronx, New York.  NBC Voice 2013 winner Tessanne Chin was awarded Female Recording Artiste of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year while Etana, Tony Rebel, Lady Junie and Sister Nancy each received Lifetime Achievement Awards..Read more

13/02/14 Rihanna VEVO Slayage
Rihanna's VEVO became the first to exceed an aggregate of 5 billion views sometime in the past week or so according to VidstatsX, which shows 5,036,358,777 views #VEVOKilla more

"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it." ~R.I.P. Maya Angelou~

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Catching Up with Robert Burchell

Almost six months into his newly founded career, musician turned singer Robert Burchell has been able to make a soft impact on the local music industry.  The single 'Never Judge a Book" off his Début album 'Agape' has been making radio waves locally while the video rotates on cable and mainstream television.

Robert Burchell has been in Jamaica for over three months promoting his music. His intent is to network with other reggae artistes and create a distinct buzz. Although he's not prepared to say the numbers, sales are encouraging for a first time album of a 6 month old singing career.  That said, the Chicago base singer/musician is about to release another single called 'Welcome to Jamaica' also off the album.  'Welcome to Jamaica' is self explanatory, Robert got the inspiration to create the track from personally being involved in providing hospitality for visitors to Jamaica at his Mountain Top Villas in Mandeville.  
Robert and Sizzla 

Robert Burchell has been a musician almost all his life.  He plays several instruments and is
Robert and Warrior King
very good at playing the guitar.  He has been moving in and around a circle of friends that include artistes such as Luciano, Anthony Cruz, Sizzla Kolanji and Warrior King and hopefully, "I might just do a collaboration with one of them" he said smiling, "anything can gwaan u just have to wait and see."  

Robert's album 'Agape' is his introduction to the music industry as an artiste.  The variety of tracks on the album represents his interest as well as outline the direction in which he intends to go. Robert Burchell is spontaneous and eager to try new things.  He's a successful entrepreneur, loving father and well respected brother in church, "the half has not yet been told, spending some time here at home has really open my mind to so many things and I have already decided what I'm gonna do and how i'm gonna go about doing it, you will see" he said and we certainly look forward to it.  

Sophia McKay

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chapters 1 and 2 Sophia Squire double EP Roots Rock Reggae and Rhythm and Soul

R.I.P. Maya Angelou
Double EPs for Sophia Squire on VP Record label are out now!  The package was released in two chapters where Chapter 1 Rhythm and Soul is a 4 track EP featuring some of Sophia's love songs such as Secret Lovers, For Awhile, Slow Motion and Thing Called Love.

Chapter 2 Roots Rock Reggae is a 5 track EP featuring a variety of songs such as Nature's Calling, Nah Fight Ova Man, Rat-A-Tat-A-Tat and Nuh Gunz. Manager Audley Allen said the artiste fully endorse the move to package some of her 'most popular songs' to appease fans who have been asking for an album which according to him, 'is in it's preliminary stages."  


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Inner Circle Chronixx Supa Dups Steven McGregor and Don Corleon at Circle Village Memorial Weekend

Chronixx and Inner Circle
The studios of Inner Circle 'bad boys of reggae' known as 'Circle Village' in Miami Florida was abuzz over the weekend with young artistes and producers Chronixx, Steven McGregor, Don Corleone and Supa Dups assembled under one roof. As Inner Circle co-founder Ian Lewis mix down and add the finishing touches to 'Tenament Yard' a collaboration between Inner Circle and Chronixx they all shared the moment on social media with photos and kind words. We don't know if  Tenament Yard is a remake of the late Jacob Miller's but Inner Circle is excited about project and made this statement in a release "this song is gonna run Reggae Music" while showing respect to Jacob Miller, " R.I.P. to one of the greatest Reggae singers of all time.... our brother Jacob 'Killer' Miller."

(r-l) Supa Dups Steven McGregor  Don Corleone
Chronixx tweet: #CIRCLE! We give thanks for the one who know and even more appreciative of the ones who take the time to teach 

It is not clear what the presence of producers Steven McGregor, Don Corleone and Supa Dups meant at Circle Village, "Jamaica's hottest producers Supa Dups, Di Genius, Don Corleone create unity...." but again from the release Inner Circle's plans involve "connecting the dots for the music to go to the next level."  

Social media was not left out of the loop as they all subtweeted each other. Genius profess his respect for Supa Dups and tweet @DiGenius1 Studio with one of the BADDEST producers of our generation! Learnt a whole lot today! +Supa Dups 

Catch Inner Circle this summer performing with Aloe Blacc, Lauryn Hill, Matisyahu and Steel Pulse for their One Love Reggae Revolution tour.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Jamaica Mek Wi Laugh

"Lift people spirit, mek people laugh, bring up dem vibe and entertain" pretty much describe the now weekly comedy show, Jamaica Mek Wi Laugh held at the Countryside Club in Kingston. Now approaching it's second staging of the new season Producer Lady Rennae promises something new at every show, "now we've added choreography and beat box to increase the entertainment value.." she said in a recent interview.  

Held Tuesdays between 7pm and 10pm, the first show of the season featured Dancehall's popular Twins of Twins and Demarco with host, the comical Pretty Boy Floyd.  Jamaicans are natural story tellers, impersonators and comedians. To spend time with friends and family who enjoy sharing jokes is one of the most relaxing past-times on any given day. Actor/comedian/radio host Christopher 'Johnny' Daley and Dufton Shepherd complemented with a musical presentation by Reggae artiste General Degree takes the stage May 27.  Jamaica Mek Wi Laugh animated comedies are a popular treat on social media.