Saturday, May 24, 2014

Konshen release first video off his upcoming album

The first video from the single 'Music' off the upcoming album 'Konshen from the Hotel Room' by Konshen is out! 

The album could be anything except the obvious this according to Konshen who had a quick chat with D' Wrap, entertainment news show aired weekly on CVM Television, "is not only sleepin and the next 's' word gwaan in a hotel rooms.

Well judging from 'Music', Konshen has put some quality time in for this album and we can't wait to see just how much.

Smile to the World by Denyque

Famed author, William Arthur Ward once said " A warm smile is the universal language of Kindness" and, it is in keeping with that philosophy a release stated, the popular Jamaican recording artiste Denyque penned her latest single "Smile To The World." 

Renowned for fusing pop with reggae and dancehall, Denyque's captivating smile caught the attention of the bi-monthly New York-based Complex Magazine founded by Fashion designer Marc Ekco, and was enlisted among the 'Top 25 Sexiest International Singers You've Never Heard of' in  2012. Denyque was awarded 'Best New Artiste' by the Excellence in Music (EME) awards Jamaica in 2010, after releasing her then most popular single Summer Love.  'Smile To The World' is a production of Johnny Wonder and Adde Instrumental


Thursday, May 22, 2014

How many Caribbean music genres do you know?

While most will agree that Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, and Kompa are among the most dominant genres in the Caribbean, there are over 70 different music genres identified across 24 Caribbean islands with Cuba's 52, topping the list of most genres in a country. The melting pot of cultures in the islands and coastal areas surrounding the Caribbean sea have made this region (the Caribbean) the most fertile breeding grounds for music anywhere in the world []

Many of these genres share common relations because their origin can be traced back to Afro Caribbean culture.  The vast similarities reasoned by many is that the Afro Caribbean culture contribute to the genres not being well defined.  With the best known reggae artiste of all time being Bob Marley, Reggae remain the most popular among all genres in the Caribbean but with Soca hot on it's heels, swiftly and persistently spreading it's wings across the Caribbean while making good inroads in other countries across the world. Can you name 20 of Cuba's 52 music genres? How many genres are you familiar with? Maybe you might want to add...


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Rapper JanefrFinch introduces herself to the Jamaican Dancehall Industry

"From as young as the age of 4 years old I have been deejaying in hip-hop style over reggae riddims. My dad is Jamaican so I was exposed to both Canadian and Jamaican cultures." 

Featured in several publications across Ontario, Canada and a regular guest on CBC news JanefrFinch is described by many as "hardcore with a sexy twist" a trait she attribute to "being in her genes." Discovered by legendary Hip-Hop group Wu-Tang Clan Jane is the type of artiste most people refer to as "baad!" or "dope!" she shares her story of how she got discovered, "on Myspace! and I was fortunate enough to share the stage with the members of a legendary Hip-Hop group I've been listening to since growing up."

JanefrFinch aka Latoya Jane
JanefrFinch visited Jamaica recently to shot a video with Blak Ryno whom she has a collaboration entitled 'Flossa.' She choose Dancehall because, "I feel that I stand out from other artists, I can mesh well on the topic and deliver exactly what my fellow artist expects of me" hence she's not afraid to explore.  "A good collaboration is just that, good!" she said.  'Flossa' is hip-hop but it is sounding like one of the best collaborations between a rapper and a Dancehall artiste since the start of the year.
Both JanefrFinch and Blak Ryno show off their prowess in their respective territories. Blak Ryno impressively delivered lyrically in true Jamaican Dancehall/hip-hop fashion, skilfully wrapping his lyrics around the infectious hip-hop beat. 

JanefrFinch on the other hand, delivered her lines like a pro.  She held nothing back, literally bringing the sting of legendary female Hip-Hop artist Lil Kim while showing off her 'thug/sexy' flare that is also reminiscent of American Rapper Eve.
Growing up in some of the roughest areas of the city, Jamestown and Jane and Finch, Jane has emerge from incarceration and near death experience associated with gang violence.   She is now driven by her desire, to motivate people submerged in 'down spiralling lifestyle,' to the point of wanting to remove themselves from that situation. "I Rap because it's the only way I can express my emotions.  I'm not really good at 'talking it out' so I talk to the mic and it somehow makes me feel better" she said.

While on the rise, this is what JanefrFinch want people to do "I want to let the world watch me grow from being a girl from a dark place who was once broken, and to some, seemingly beyond repair, to a mature young woman with a new outlook, one that enables her to better express herself..the right way."  Her 5 year plan (God willing), "I expect to be going on tour for my 3rd album (I have a lot to rap about) have my book published and movie about my life released."

As to her confidence and why she feels Dancehall fans will love her, she said, "From as young as the age of 4 years old I have been deejaying in hip-hop style over reggae riddims. My dad is Jamaican so I was exposed to both Canadian and Jamaican culturesI feel I stand out from other artists because I can mesh well on the topic and deliver exactly what my fellow artist expects of me." Jane also said the struggle she has been through is not unique so people can relate to her story.

"My music relates to my personal life tribulations or that of other people around me.  I'm growing, so I feel that the first chapter of my life was more harder, now I see the second chapter, me moving away from all that and walking along the path of a sexy and girly person. Although I have no intention of becoming 'soft' my life is not lead by choice but by the almighty God." Being able to have a whole crowd hyped and responsive whenever she's on stage further complements the JanefrFinch package.

Overall, JanefrFinch hope that eventually she will be exemplary, a story of motivation that will be worth telling over and over again.