Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tafari makes Billboard Reggae Chart debut with 'Rud3 Lov3" album

album cover
Tafari's eleven track indie album Rud3 Lov3 (Rude Love) on the Rud3 Music Label,made its debut on Billboard Reggae chart at #17 recently.  The independent rapper/deejay, writer, composer and producer was hands-on, with the entire production of his album but could not have done it without the input of Grammy winning producers Jermaine Reid and Jason Gilbert, as well as Noah Mason, Kamron Houff and Dennis Blaze.  Tafari told #NIPnews, "This album is a collective effort of creative people.  This body of work is all about vibing with a variety of producers on some infectious beats."  

A big fan of his dad, veteran Reggae artiste Big Youth, Tafari's Rud3 Lov3 album would have probably been incomplete without one of their father and son collaborations as they have several songs and usually perform together across the world; without a doubt Tafari choose their big tune, 'Not an Easy Road'   Other collaborations includes Nyla formerly of the duo Brick and Lace called, 'I Want You' current single off the album which the two shot a video (seen above), singer/songwriter/producer Jimmy Cozier on 'Emergency Lover' and guest artistes, bad gyal Cecile on 'Cloud 9' and Isat on 'Make it Official.'

Zambo 'Tafari' Buchanan already made inroads in his career having three soundtracks in the Academy Award nominee John Singleton's produced 'Illegal Tender"  movie. He has also entered iTunes Top 100 Reggae charts more than once. 


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Josey Wales 'Return of the Outlaw' U.S. Tour

Josey Wales
New York - Caribbean entertainment specialists Irish and Chin promise to give Reggae music fans a very special treat this Spring and Summer with the 'Return of the Outlaw Tour," featuring Josey Wales.  Indisputably one of Reggae music's most influential and respected artists, Josey Wales, is set to thrill fans across the United States with stellar performances. Wales' stage show will be chock-full of excitement, fun and music that made Dancehall spectacular, while balanced with a moder appeal.

Just a few months ago when Wales touched down on U.S. soil, he described his lifelong allegiance Reggae music and historical role in Jamaica's tricky political climate as well as his plans for a landmark U.S. return tour.  And now, with the assistance of Irish and Chin management, die-hard fans and savvy promoters, Wales' desire to once again entertain the massive across America, has come true.

With a phenomenal career that spans nearly 40 years, Wales is expected to bring loads of hits to the forefront, including favorites such as "Undercover Lover," "Let Go Mi Hand," "It a Fi Burn."  Regarded as one of the top deejays of all times to hail Jamaica, Wales will amuse loyal fans and win over new ones with his wit, charisma and flawless freestyle toasting, while performing live on a sound system. Josey Wales will make appearances in Hartford, Boston, Brookly, Bronx, Philadelphia and Boonville, CA (Sierra Nevada Music Festival


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Great work! - Kudos to Ruffi-Ann on debut album 'Save The Juvenile'

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Dancehall turned Reggae recording artiste Sharon 'Ruffi-Ann' Peterkin impressively created a combination of songs that address common issues and concerns be it personal, social or cultural, sounding new and totally improved on her Dean Fraser's Canon Production label produced debut album titled, 'Save the Juvenile'

Ruffi-Ann, once known as Lady Shabba one of the most aggressive female Dancehall artiste has transitioned nicely into a Reggae/Dancehall artiste on the sixteen track album distributed by VP Records.  "Save the Juvenile" does not only highlight Ruffi-Ann's maturity but also her personality which she demonstrated throughout the album.  As a mother, track (3) titled 'Concern' displayed a passionate side of the deejay as it relates to children well being, 'mi concern, bout di crime and violence, worse when di children dem a die, something must be done to protect we daughters and sons."  She also had a message for 'Careless Drivers' track 4, "you caan do a hundred ina thirty not focusing if you a use a phone...your life will fade away"  she sang.  Ruffi-Ann was fierce defending her turf on track (13) 'Nuh Bad Like Mi' citing "a Jah alone mi reckon every minute, every second" or seemingly un-bothered throwing off potential critics on track (6) 'Am Working' when she sang 'mi might caan hol a note like D'Major or work di saxaphone like Dean Fraser but Am Working nuh matter how much it is hurting."

Ruffi-Ann's album could not have been wholesome without a love song of some type and she took it on a personal level with track (12) 'Love You Like Me' but the ultimate album classic is 'Give It To Me,' track (9) a must listen, featuring her mentor Dean Fraser. 'Save The Juvenille' marks another milestone for this Spanish Town born artiste and take you on a nostalgic journey with her.  A journey that show off her strength, apt in thinking and confidence.  

By: Sophia Mckay

Monday, March 24, 2014

Nyanda Launches 'Slippery When Wet' European Tour

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Nyanda formerly of the Jamaican Pop/Reggae group Brick and Lace, launches her 1st European Tour as a Solo artiste on March 28, she performs across Holland and Germany.

Nyanda is promoting her new single 'I Love Sax,' which is a 'provocative,' Reggae infused club banger and according to her Manager Chez Gayle, "showcases her versatility as an artist." 'I Love Sax' is produced by Blacklion, the dynamic Miami based duo who crafted Nyanda's previous hits Slippery When Wet and Trouble.


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Anticipation heightens for Chronixx 'Dread and Terrible' project

Coming April 1
The much touted 'Dread and Terrible' project by Chronixx is a highly anticipated body of work by the artiste from fans.  Chronixx has been giving away hints such as the video for 'Here Comes Trouble' track 2 he tweeted, off the #DreadandTerrible project and lead single, Spirulina the health food inspired track off the forthcoming album. 

The 'Dread and Terrible' project is slated for an April 1st release date digitally with free download on website  The project according to the website, is compiled of 7 tracks and 3 dub versions produced by various producers and will also be released on CB and Vinyl, yes vinyl! which will be available at each Chronixx concert around the world off he 'Dread and Terrible Tour' which begins March 27th through to April 15.

The 21 year old Jamaican is hands on the entire 'Dread and Terrible' project, written and composed all the tracks and has even mixed a few tracks himself. According to his website, Chronixx has been integral in every aspect of putting this project together from the creation of the artwork to all the visuals.  'Dread and Terrible' the 'project' by Chronixx, is shaping up to meet the expectations of fans so ensure you are among the first to collect your copy, pre-orders are currently available on iTunes.