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Reggae/Dancehall and other music news in February highlights

Reggae/Dancehall and other music news (Bits 'n' Pieces) highlights throughout the month of February 2014

Chad Young
28/02/14 27 Years Old Irie FM & ZIP 103 FM CEO 'Chad Young' has died
Four years after the death of his father, 'Karl Young' and former CEO of popular Jamaican radio stations Irie FM and ZIP 103 FM, 'Chad Young' CEO and Managing Director of both stations died shortly after he was diagnosed with brain cancer read more

25/02/14 Heart felt tributes for Bunny Rugs 
William Alexander Anthony Clark aka Bunny Rugs was remembered for his sense of humour and music at a memorial held Monday 24/2/14 at the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity in Kingston... Read more

18/02/14 Sean Paul/Konshens Historic Arsenio Hall Performace

Sean Paul and Konshen live on the Arsenio Hall Show 
The Jamaican Dancehall brand once again took centre stage on U.S. mainstream television when Sean Paul and Konshen gave an unforgettable performance on the Arsenio Hall Show February 16, 2014. The artistes performed their 'Want Dem All' collaboration, the lead single off the Grammy winning artiste's 6th studio album "Full Frequency," released February 18, 2014 and feature collaborations with international artistes Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, 2Chainz and Juicy J Read more

18/02/14 Wayne 'Sleng Teng Smith' has died
Another hitmaker in the Jamaican music industry whose music significantly impacted and brought new dimensions to the Jamaican Reggae brand has passed. Wayne Smith best known for his computerised hit song 'Unda Mi Sleng Teng' died Monday February 17 at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) at 48 years old. He was admitted after complaining about pain in his stomach Read more

17/02/14 Bass Odyssey Awarded by JARIA
Bass Odyssey sound system manager Keith Walford Sr. proudly accepted the Jamaica Reggae Industry Award (JARIA) for contribution to local entertainment and international impact watch
Pharrell Williams
13/02/14 Pharrell William's 'Happy' Becomes Highest Charting Oscar Nominated Song
US Virginia's native Pharrell Williams who recently walked away with the 56th Grammy Awards 'Song of the Year' created history with his uplifting melody 'Happy' which recently became number one on the musical boards and was deemed the "top-charting Oscar nominated song in more than a decade' Billboard reported read more and watch the Digicel Jamaica inspired #JamaicaHappy video click
12/02/14 Taurus Riley's new album 'Love Situation' tops Billboard
In a sweep across Billboard's top 100 Reggae chart, Taurus Riley's latest album entitled "Love Situation" stomped Snoop Dogg's "Reincarnation" album that held the top spot for weeks from it's base to claim the spot impressively read more 

10/02/14 Rihanna #VEVOKilla
Pop star Rihanna is the first VEVO certified artist to have 17 videos receiving over 100 millions views #HistoRih.

8/02/14 Chronixx Awarded Cultural Artiste of the Year
Chronixx received The Youth Views Award YVA "Artiste of the Year" 2014 recently in Kingston and tweeted his appreciation saying  "Give thanks to the youths and the YVA's for presenting I.." for the awards.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ziggy Marley Announce his 'Fly Rasta' album release date and fan-made video campaign

Ziggy Marley announced his latest album, Fly Rasta, which is set for April 15th street date, and is available for pre-order exclusively on  Ziggy Marley also announced fan-made music video campaign for single, 'I Get Up' off the 'Fly Rasta' album where Ziggy will post new lyrics from the unreleased track 'I Get Up' for creative inspiration.  "As lyrics are posted, personify the words with your won unique photos/videos" the instructions given reads and of course, a video will be created from the submissions.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Reggae/Gospel album the 'Agape' by Robert Burchell out now

Robert Burchell on set Never Judge a book video shoot
As Robert Burchell move to heighten the growing momentum surrounding his 1 year old singing career in the Reggae music industry, the Jamaican born, US citizen has released his debut album on iTunes entitled, Agape meaning unconditional love.

The twelve track album features a diverse blend of Jamaican music genres including Ska the 1960s dominant genre of Jamaica and mento, a style of Jamaican folk music that greatly influenced ska and reggae, capturing a cultural, spiritual and authentic vibe. 

'Agape' is a compilation of gospel, reggae and world music format that in all essence, represent the man himself, "music is not what I do it's who I am" a message Robert Burchell shares on his social media. Fans will enjoy the diversity of songs on Agape that includes a warm welcome track 11, 'Welcome to Jamaica',  a plea for help and understanding of brothers and sisters in need, 'Come to Help my People track 12, and as Bro Robbie (as he's affectionately called) stuck with his mission of bringing sheep to the fold under his Christian mantle and giving praise to the almighty God for his mercy and goodness let it be know on track 9 'Give Thanks'  he invite others to serve Christ track 10 on a 'Walk with God'.

The release of 'Agape' is timely with an abundance of airplay across Jamaica for singles, The Lord is My Shepherd and Never Judge a Book also featured on the album. A soon to be released music video and first video to be released by the singer for single Never Judge a Book (click to see more pics from shoot) which was shot on location at Harold Washington Cultural Centre, Chicago, IL is the next milestone for Robert Burchell.

Visit website or follow on social media on twitter, instagram (@realrobertburchell) and facebook for current news and update.

Recent news: The other side of Robert Burchel  

By: Sophia McKay

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jamari Reid is at again pushing a new single and offering free downloads

Since Tessanne Chin's Voice 2013 victory many have come to realize and accept that there are indeed a diverse group of artistes and musicians in Jamaica. Jamari Reid is among the group of artistes who fuses other genres with the Jamaican Reggae and Dancehall vibe or rhythm to create a unique sound. He is a lover of hardcore Dancehall music but believe it limits his ability to create certain songs that might or might not be appealing to the wider cross section of music fans worldwide. 

Jamari  said he's got a couple of songs and invite radio jocks and enthusiasts to contact him at to get their copies.  "I have a song for you and just about all music lovers, it is for the free spirited where I'm saying "I just wanna wake up without worrying about the time"...and "I just wanna live for the people that past away." Jamari his inspiration for writing songs comes from deep within "I face challenges in every aspect of my life, but I choose to not sing about it or if I do, my style is bringing my story across with an intent to change the mood of the person on the listening end, put a smile on your face or inspire a carefree attitude."

Jamari's most popular song to date is the funniest of them all
because most people would say to me, "did you really ask money 'why'?"  Such questions he said is a confirmation that he got his message across because, "in a situation where money seem to always be going in the opposite direction of you, who really laugh about that?"  If you like Jamari's latest single download and share on social media click here

Get know Jamari his music will certainly put you in a good mood. "There's something missing here, email or follow me and I will give it all to you" twitter @jamarireid, instagram @jamaridan, google+Jamari Reidmusic and Facebook @Jamari.Reid

By: Sophia McKay

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tunes Over Time: Seasonal Shifts In Music

By David Bakula, SVP Client Development, Nielsen Entertainment

To everything there is a season, and the music industry is no different.  From holiday hits to summer jams, music trends vary with the weather.  And understanding such trends can be crucial to success for artists, retailers and labels.  So is there a "perfect" time to release a new album?  Let's take a look at trends throughout the year in the music industry.

Taking it From the Top
Many artists, retailers and labels believe the December holidays combine the perfect elements of gift giving with the most popular artists. As a result, when we think of the busiest time of the year for new releases in the music industry, many usually focus on the fourth quarter.  And There's something to that--the last nine weeks of the year can typically make up to a quarter or more of all physical CD sales for the year and digital sales typically spike the weeks following Christmas (likely from gift card redemption). So the benefits of having a major release in the fourth quarter are obvious.  But December doesn't have an exclusive on gift giving in the U.S.

The first half of the year is also an excellent holiday marketing period for music with Valentine's Day, Easter Mother's and Father Day, not to mention the great exposure from the GRAMMY Awards Show.  In fact, some of music's most successful releases of all time, including 'N SYNC's No Strings Attached (11.2 million sales to date), Norah Jones' Come Away With Me (11 million), as well as the two best-selling albums of the past decade with Adele's 21 (10.9 million) and Usher's Confessions (10.1 million), occurred during the first quarter of the year.  Out of the top 20 albums sold in the last two decades, 30 percent of the titles were released in the first quarter.  And despite the fact that the fourth quarter is usually thought of as the time for blockbuster releases, first-quarter releases make up a bigger share of the top 20 albums of the SoundScan era*

Spring Into Summer
And music releases stay hot as the temperatures warm up.  As a percentage of yearly sales, the spring and summer months also see a steady number of album releases from a variety of genres.  Eminem's Marshall Mathers LP (10.8 million) and Eninem Show (10.3 million) were both released in May and are two of the top selling records in the last two decades. Other top releases during the Spring have come from artists like Alanis Morissette, Backstreet Boys and Santana.  So the months leading into the middle of the year can be an important time to release blockbuster albums for their popularity to be fuelled by summer hits.

Song of the Year
When it comes to the biggest digital songs of theyear, the songs of the summer tend to dominate sales. Some of the biggest digital songs of all time break on the radio early in the year.  Songs such as The Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feelin" and Adele's "Rolling in the Deep," the two best-selling digital songs of all time, both peaked in the middle of the year.  While the busiest week of the year for digital sales is typically the last week of the calendar year, the summer is the time when the biggest songs really blossom.

Summer, of course, is also the time for many of the most popular music festivals.  The average U.S. consumer spends approximately $105 annually on music and music-related activities, with live music events contributing to nearly half. Festivals help raise awareness for artists' content or share the experience with friends/family while at the event through their mobile phones.  Some of the festivals with the biggest fans are Lollapalooza, CMA Music Festival, Ozzfest, iHeartRadio Music Festival, Austin City Limits, Warped, Coachella, Summerfest, Bonnaroo, and SXSW (South by Southwest), and many take place in the summer.

Chill Tunes
The last quarter of the year is a hectic one for the industry.  It's a time where new holiday music is released (after being recorded in the height of summer!), classic tunes see a sales revitalization, and radio formats turn over.  Out of the top 20 albums of the last two decades, approximately a quarter of them were released in October and November. These titles include Shania Twain's Come On Over (15.6 million), The Beatles' Beatles (12.3 million) and Linkin Park's Hybrid theory (10.2 million), as well as the Bodyguard and Titanic soundtracks (12.1 million and 10.2 million, respectively).

There are many things to consider when determining the best time of the year for a new release.  The increased foot traffic at physical retail, as well as holiday gift giving can provide big early returns for album releases.  However, when looking at long term success, there really seems to be no perfect time to release an album-it simply comes down to building a long-term story and having great content that builds throughout the year (or years) and stays at the top consumers' minds no matter when they are shopping for great music.