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Black History: The Genesis of Early Childhood Education in Jamaica

A Special Feature - dedicated to my mom Mrs Gloria McKay and Mrs Roslyn Barrett.

"All people have a history worthy of respect and the greatest people throughout the world are those who contribute to the culture and achievement of all mankind" ~Nelson Mandela 1991 UWI Jamaica~

Some of the founding members of the Early Childhood Education Committee in Jamaica are  74 year old widow, Gloria McKay former Principal, Marverly Mountain Basic school, along with her first Vice President, 81 years old Roslyn Barrett, Justice of the Peace and Principal at Trinitarian Basic, a school she founded and still operates.  Both Mrs McKay and Mrs Barrett met for the first time in 15 years and shared their history with this writer.  Both recalled the first General Meeting of the Early Childhood Committee that was held at the National Stadium in Kingston.  Their aim was to bring together all Basic School Teachers across the island to whom were grouped in 'zones' or 'cluster' together once per month.  "St. Andrew was the first body that brought the entire island of Basic schools teachers together" recalled Mrs McKay who fondly remembered being told that this was not possible.  "I told the head of the Ministry that we would full the stadium and he said it was not possible" she said.

It was the 5th day of September 1980s and the organizational body of the Early Childhood Committee headed by President Gloria McKay; brought together all 14 parishes.  Each parish was identifiable by a color code, the National Stadium was full to capacity. Upon witnessing this historic moment, a member of the Ministry later admitted  that he thought such a gesture would have been impossible as only political meetings could contribute to such an out pouring of persons.

In these years, Mrs Barrett recalled that teachers were paid J$86 per month!  The committee and its President worked to achieve a salary increase from $86 to $1800 as well the recognition of teachers who were then called 'Community Helper" to Early Childhood Teachers.  Former President, Gloria McKay, recalled how the Honourable Prime Minister at the time, Edward Seaga was so pleased with the outcome of the project that he asked the then Minister of Education 'What was he gonna do to assist" and recommended the implementation of the Paisley Gardens Institute. The Early Childhood Committee would make an official report on the development or the lack there of basic schools in their communities and engage in forums with Supervisors and Education Offices.

By: Sophia McKay

Friday, January 31, 2014

Third World Band Summer Europe Tour; 40th year celebration & chronicle their musical journey

Forty years of the finest Reggae music with the Reggae Ambassadors, THIRD WORLD!

With smash hits like "Now That We Found Love", "96 Degree in the Shade", "Try Jah Love," 10 Grammy nominations and a vibrant and loyal fan base, THIRD WORLD band has been entertaining audiences throughout the world for four decades.  The group is known for producing and performing music that, while holding firm to the cultural and ancestral roots of the musicians, still pushes forward the cutting edge of global world music.  Their themes are positive, progressive, internationally relevant; an asset to any size music festival / event.

Celebrating 40 years, 'Reggae Ambassadors,' THIRD WORLD is one of the longest-lived Reggae bands of all elements of RnB, funk, pop and rock and later on, dancehall, Third World's style has been described as "reggae-fusion."  Singer Bunny Rugs described the band's sound, "strictly a reggae band, no. Definitely a reggae band. yes." Guitarist Cat Coore expressed, "The hyprid of various types of music is a natural thing because, by growing up in Jamaica, we know the direct roots of reggae and ska.  At the same time we live in a country where you got to hear Chuck Berry, Fats Domino and all the RnB artists."  Bassist Richard Daley articulates, "We took roots reggae music and put branches on top of it."

With 2014 on the horizon, THIRD WORLD is anticipating the launch of a new socially interactive website and a 40th anniversary merchandise line.  The band is currently recording a series of collaborations with a host of the "next generation" roots revival singers, as well as efforts with a selection of emerging European producers and artistes.  Concurrently, due to overwhelming and enthusiast fan demand, the Reggae Ambassadors are writing a book chronicling their musical journey over the past 40 years with projected publishing by summer 2014.  The band is currently accepting bookings in Europe for summer.


Final Review - Best 2013 Reggae/Dancehall Moment

#Bestof2013 The #1 2013 'Feel Good' moment presented in pat-wah (patois) using N.I.P. '2013 Slang of slangs' or street talk Da sup-umn deh, in goes:-

Number 1! numero uno! numero un! Best 2013 Reggae/Dancehall Moment
Tessanne Chin show off trophy
But all doe Dawn Penn song go back pon Billboard chart afta dat performance it neva shell it dung like Tess; She change di game wid da #breadandbutta "sup-umn deh" from she enta NBC vice show and buss, a str8 winnings den, ka-boom! and the winner is....(drum roll) Tessanne Chin!.."sup-umn deh" buss di place.  Half way tree a di hot spot fi go celebrate when anybody win big like Usain and Shelly. Di jumping significant, Jamaicans are motivated, inspired and driven hence you might neva hear it but di terse is real, like if tessy do it me can do it to suh rest assured that there will be a steady increase in di numba of entries to dem type a competition deh ina merica fi 2014, O! and best believe dat is all becaz di paypa strang! Da winning sumn deh! mi loike it ~Ms. Kitty voice~

1st Runner Up - Den not long afta iz like a sign, Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Dawn Penn, Jabba, Shakka Demus and Pliers jus dun di B.E.T. Awards show ina dem #JamaicaBetAwards moment that had yaad and braad people a rail.  Dem mek di good, good people dem a whine an bump an grind up or whateverrr dem was doing.  When mi watch dat pon tv mi was so incline fi shout out like Ms. Kitty, "la la la la la." Yea, da tongue-rolling, custom made "sup-umn deh" yea.

2nd Runner Up - My #1 2013 Jamaican slang is "Da sumn deh! (meaning, "that something there") fi real, it tun up!! 2013 neva bad at all fi di music industry. It start out good wid Ziggy and Damian live pon Grammy Awards a sing wid Rihanna, Buno Mars and Sting, "Da sumn deh! did tun up!  

This has been a New Image Promotion review of the year 2013 in Reggae and Dancehall. Taking you back to the scenes, comments, facts and opinions of those who know, as it relate to the Jamaican Reggae or Dancehall artistes who made 2013 EPIC!

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"..walk good!"

By: Sophia McKay

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

That Tessanne Chin Impact; was it felt at the 56th Grammy Award ceremony?

Yup! Tessanne Chin's NBC 'The Voice' impact did come to mind when US Pop Star Pink performed her hit single, 'Try' at the 56th Grammy Awards recently.  Pink gave a splendid performance  showing off her acrobatic skills and ignite an arousing applause. 'Try,' incidentally is one of the renditions by Tessanne Chin during her 'Voice' battle that she performed best and subsequently emerged winner of the 2013 NBC 'The Voice' title.

RnB History
History: "Bridge Over Troubled Water" earned a Grammy for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance

It must have been a wonderful feeling for Tessanne Chin when she performed live on NBCs 'The Voice' a song by 18 times Grammy winner and Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin' that had earned the legendary singer a Grammy for 'Best Female R n B Vocal Performance.'  The single, 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' has also been one of the better performances of Tessane Chin on NBC 'The Voice' and is of course an all time favourite. Aretha Franklin will be Honoured at the B.E.T. Awards February 24.

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Chronixx and Zinc Fence Band surf with legendary musicians

Chronixx and Zinc Fence Band recently, shared a special on-stage moment with legendary musicians, Ernest Ranglin O.D., Guitarist and composer and Jazz Pianist Monty Alexander at the Blue Note in New York.  Chronixx shared on instagram a snippet of the performance. In that brief moment the type of live reggae music you will hear coming through will immediately absorb you, check it Chronixx IG

  1. with nnamz_ and the legendary Ernest wranglin and Monty Alexander at the blue…

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Ziggy Marley takes the Grammy

Ziggy Marley is the proud recipient of the 56th Grammy Awards Best Reggae Album for 2014. Ziggy's 'Live' album entitled, Ziggy Marley in Concert copped the prestigious award over Honourable Beresford Hammond O.J., 'One Love, One Life,' Sly and Robbie's and the Jam Master's 'Reggae Connection,' Sizzla Kolanji's, 'The Messiah' (Sizzla's first ever nomination out of 70 albums) and Snoop Dogg's aka Snoop Lion's, 'Reincarnated.'

Tuff Gong Worldwide congratulated Ziggy on his 6th Grammy Award with a tweet
Congrats to on his 6th win at for Best Reggae Album ('Ziggy Marley In Concert')!

Post Grammy related news:-
Travesty if Snoop Dogg wins the Grammy 

Described as a "pretentious wanna-be" by head of Grammy Awards Reggae committee Roger Steffens, Snoop Dogg has once again got persons questioning his motives as a newly converted Rasta and reggae artiste. Steffens told the Jamaica Observer in an interview that Snoop Dogg like Matisyahu and many others before him, "have used a Rasta-influenced format and warped it toward their own ends," said Steffens read more

Grammy Announce Nominees  for Best Reggae Album click to read more

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