Friday, January 17, 2014

Macka Diamond after the storm; New Taurus Riley album 'Love Situation' coming soon

Reggae Dancehall News Weekend
Macka Diamond - Dye Dye Invasion Mandeville
Macka Diamond After the Storm
Will Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond emerge the 2013 Female Dancehall Artiste of the Year (Jamaica)? Although she held the IRAWMA (International Reggae and World Music Award) for Best Female International Rapper/DJ title in 2011 her best work yet manifested throughout 2013, accomplishing what her twitter fans are calling, The Best Selling Book by a Local Author with sales tallied from Bun Him Pt. 1 released in 2007 at 22,000 copies and follow up publication Bun Him pt. 2 released December 2012 that has sold 7,000 copies to date.  Macka's run-away hit song Dye Dye has been re-recorded from it original Patois/English version to Spanish and had a multiple chart topping run in the year.  The popularity of Dye Dye, spiralled across continents (French Caribbean and European tour) increasing the hard working Dancehall mom's fan base in as far as Uganda, Africa which she is expected to travel for a first time performance come next month. "I treat this business like a job," she said in a recent interview on Impact a local televised talk show that brought into perspective what went wrong, what could have been done differently and the way forward after the 2013 STING clash aftermath between her and Lady Saw. 

Macka Diamond's relentless efforts has led to the release of yet another, unexpected, potential chart topping and self-assured song she calls, Wicked Heart(click song title to listen)
Wicked Heart is destine to push the seemingly unstoppable artiste Macka Diamond is to newer heights this year. Ms Dye Dye as she is called throughout 2013 said her fights are lyrical and understandably so because music is a competition, "it's not personal, it's about the music and that's what i'm fighting for, for it to remain that way.  I am who I am whether it's Lady Mackerel, Mackadocious, Ms. Money O, Ms. Dye Dye, it's all me, Charmaine Munroe the One" she said. Macka Diamond's music is fun, intended to bring about laughter and best suited for mature audiences. 

By: Sophia McKay

Tarrus Riley is Set to Release his 5th Full Length Album 'LOVE SITUATION' 
Taurus Riley
February 4, 2014 is the official date announced for the release of Taurus Riley's 5th full length album title 'Love Situation.' The 17 track compilation is produced by Dean Fraser for Cannon, assisted by producers Shane Brown of Juke Boxx Production, Mitchum 'Khan' Chin and Jordan McClure of Chimney Records. The project was mixed by Shane Brown and Romel Marshall, and mastered by Grammy award winning engineer Michael Fuller; the man Taurus Riley, adds his melodious signature 'singy, singy' style and sincerity to each and every track.

The talented and charismatic reggae crooner is said to have brought those elements of his personality to the album.  Coming from a place of healing and soothing music Taurus Riley carved his own niche from delivering analytical lyrics and embracing the teachings of Rasta then further extended himself, showing versatility and the qualities of an all round singer when he released hit single 'She's Royal' on the VP Records label.  He started a movement that encourages women to be self-assured. 

The first single off the Love Situation album is called, Dem a Watch and will hit the airwaves in days.  The track is expected to tease the musical palette of fans with it's unique styled musical composition that reflect the diversity of the production team and lyrics, cleverly articulated by Taurus Riley, encouraging human kind to persevere, despite what the masses may say or do to try to discredit you.  Love Situation by Taurus Riley comes February 4th, 2014 with it's first single hitting the airwaves in days.

Taurus Riley tweets 18/1/14 
Tarrus Riley rehearsing "Dem a Watch" at Juke Boxx Music City Rehearsal studio: via


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Rebel Salute 2014 The Preservation of Reggae

Rebel Salute is undeniably a masterpiece!
It serves a strict vegetarian menu complimented by a diet of cultural roots rap from Reggae's finest.  In tandem with this, is the concept of a drug-free, violence-free and non-alcholic event.  It is a family event and children under the age of 12 are free.  Due to the increase divergence of today's music, events like Rebel Salute will give a child the opportunity to meet artistes and learn some of our music that are no longer played on our radio stations.

It is an event to witness live, this magnificently put together festival, of original nature with great appeal will be streaming live click here
Kingston Magazine

Kabaka Pyramid Returns to Rebel Salute 2014 Stage
Kabaka Pyramid
It will be one year after introducing himself in full suit of red, chanting "Man a real Warrior Today" to the Rebel Salute crowd that fast rising cultural artiste Kabaka Pyramid returns.

He has had a successful year from touring and the release of a new EP titled, 'Lead the Way' which was featured on the cover of several magazines internationally.

Kabaka Pyramid will perform Day 1, alongside some of Reggae's great artistes like Bunny Wailer, John Holt, Junior Gong Marley, Luciano, Tony Rebel and Chuck Fender to name a few, "2013 was only an introduction, now it's time to show Jamaica what the Pyramid has to offer.  Accurate!" says Kabaka Pyramid.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Unforgetable Performances - 2013 Reggae/Dancehall review pg. 2 pt 1

2013 saw several artistes stepping up their performances, although there were several we choose to highlight Kymani Marley and Aidonia representing both reggae and dancehall.

The 2013 Reggae/Dancehall review will throughout this month, take you back to the scenes, comments, facts and opinion of those who know, as it relate to the Jamaican Reggae or Dancehall artistes who made 2013.

Tessanne Chin's rendition of the late great Whitney Houston's 'I Have Nothing' on NBC The Voice is our favourite live performance by a local artiste in 2013 but there were other...

Unforgettable performances.
Kymani had this crowd mesmerize or nah?

"all my seeds shall eat bread" Reggae King Bob Marley...

Raging hot! Performance by Aidonia            #Bestof2013

More news on Aidonia 
Aidonia is an excellent marketing prospect in Dancehall for 2013
click to read....

Bits n Pieces 2013 Reggae/Dancehall News Review
Cecile Looks for Change thinks Jamaican Music Industry Need to Revamp 02/9/13
After performing in Spain sharing stage with Alborosie before a crowd of over 30,000, Jamaican Reggae/Dancehall artiste Cecile urge the local industry to raise the bar to international standard.....more

Hundreds met Super Cat in his hometown 23/12/13
Super Cat received a warm almost emotional welcome when he arrived in his Cockburn Gardens hometown in Kingston yesterday ahead of his STING 2013 performance. Super Cat who possess one of the most epic voice in dancehall have not performed in Jamaica for over a decade and transformed the Cockburn Gardens (Cockburn Pen) football field into a dancehall venue with a homecoming treat for fans read more

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nyanda Appointed Goodwill Ambassador for Reach A Hand Uganda

Nyanda from musical duo Brick and Lace has been appointed Ambassador for The Reach A Hand Uganda (RAHU) campaign to address the key issues that leave Ugandan youth vulnerable to health outcomes like, HIV, Sexual Transmittable Infections (STIs), and unintended pregancy.

The official RAHU Theme song, YOUR WAYS, features Nyanda and African stars GNL, Ray, Irene Ntale, Big Tril and Maurice Hasa. The songs advocate's for safe sex in addition to helping young people make informed choices in life.

Listen to "YOUR WAYS" click here >>>>>

I'm honoured to be a part of this great movement.  People need to be reminded that aids still exists and many are still dying from it.  We all do this for the love of the music but when you get the opportunity to make a difference and touch hearts, you become purposeful, that's what's this all means to me" says Nyanda.

The official video for "YOUR WAYS" is scheduled for release in February 2014.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Nigerian Mayor sings Reggae to raise funds for charity; Mojo Morgan adds his voice to the project

Major Chimbiko Iche Akarolo
Chimbiko Iche Akarolo became Mayor of Port Harcourt, the third largest city in Nigeria and seven (7) years after being married. But within three (3) months of taking office tragedy struck, the Mayor lost his devout wife during childbirth due to a poor health system.

Through this tragedy music became the bridge between politics, philanthropy and a foundation.  Chimbiko Iche Akarolo's formed CAF (Caroline Akarolo Foundation), which began as a memorial in honour of the Mayor's late wife who passed August 28, 2011, to support pregnant women and childcare.

Mojo Morgan adds his voice to the cause                           Through their travels, musicians are often privileged to meet persons from all walks of life, hardcore fans, music lovers, politicians and even the occasional royalty.  Bonding through music, Mojo Morgan, the youngest band member of Morgan Heritage's while journeying in Nigeria, became acquainted with Port Harcourt Mayor Chimbiko Iche Akarolo and learnt of his most tragic circumstance.  

Although it is quite unorthodox for his position as a Major, Chimbiko Akarolo decided to
Mojo Morgan
raise funds singing reggae for charity. As a universal language, the major choose to promote the ideals of his foundation through music under the label, C-Strokes.
Combining his love of music, philanthropy and own vision of lending support to malaria patients, Mojo Morgan decided to lend his voice, talent, compassion and heart to a worthy project. 

Through the Heritage Grown Productions,  Mojo Mogan added his voice to the remix of lead single "It's All About You" that will be featured on an upcoming album entitled "Reality (Love and Life)" on the C-Strokes label, an official project of Chimbiko's foundation.
C-Strokes' music touches emotionally where words alone can not express.  All proceeds from Chimbiko's music will be donated to the CAF charity.  With the help and new collaboration with Heritage Grown Productions, sub Saharan African will witness great support for motherhood and childcare in 2014 and beyond.