Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Elephant Man song called the 'Chris Brown Dance'

Elephant Man
Reggae Dancehall News Weekend

Elephant Man the 'energy god' recently released a new song he calls the 'Chris Brown Dance' Known internationally for his popular songs including ''pon di river, pon di bank' it will be interesting to see how far the energy god takes his "Chris Brown Dance." This, at a time when superstars Jay-Z, Kanye West, Beyonce, Ne-Yo, Alecia Keys, P. Diddy and Snoop Dogg have either sampled a track(s) or recording(s) by a Jamaican artiste for their most recent albums or have visited and/or recorded music on the island in recent times. If catching a 'Jamaican vibe' is of much significance to these artistes then Chris Brown sits pretty much at the centre, "hand in a di air like dis, mek mi see everybody a dance like Chris." As Elephant Man sounds the alarm about the release of his new song, a new energy forms in someone else's corner from lyrics that says, "We have a brand new dance whey a run di whole town, people from all around, dem a do di Chris Brown" Elephant sings.
What is ''The Chris Brown Dance' about? According Ele's instructions a lot, "hand in a di air like dis, mek mi see everybody a dance like Chris" then, 'bend your back mek your body turn and twist' and as if to further drive home the point that the dance is 'hot' Ele foresee 'all Riri a tweet bout it!' 
Usher, Elephant Man n Chris Brown on stage Ja.

The 'Chris Brown Dance' is an Energy God Production and released in the midst of atrocities CB has been dealing with which led to his having to serve a court ordered 90 days rehab program in Malibu, California.  Elephant Man and Chris Brown have complimented each other's performance in the past, the two along with Usher have put their dance craft on display in Jamaica to much appreciation from local fans (see Reggae Sumfest 2010). More recently, Elephant Man and Chris Brown took time out for the cameras at the B.E.T. Awards 2013 ceremony in Los Angeles. 
Elephant Man/Chris Brown BET Award 2013

Ele who's obviously a huge fan of Chris Brown believes already that this song has the right energy for a hit so he sings to "di whole worl, a say Ele dis epic!' Having local dancers and music fans in the streets of Kingston hooked on "The Chris Brown Dance" driven by none other than energy god Elephant Man is #good2go yep! shizzle.

by Sophia McKay

Tessanne Chin celebrates "The Voice" victory; throws free concert

The Voice artist Tessanne Chin will be officially celebrating her 2013 victory on the NBC live talent competition with her Jamaican fans in a free concert at the "Waterfront" Downtown, Kingston on Sunday January 12 at 6pm.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Lukascher meets Sam Gilly at House of Riddim in Dub 'It's an Austrian ting!

Lukascher (c) Daddy Rings (L) Gentleman (r)
Street date 10.01.2014: It should be a well know fact that the sound of an echo cannot only be heard in the Austrian Mountains.  To proof this, Lower Austrian dialect reggae singer "Lukascher" met House of Riddim mastermind Sam Gilly in his studio.  There five (5) tracks from "Lukascher album "Wurzelwerk" flowed through the mixers and effect-units of House of Riddim to be finally reborn in unique, unprecendented "Austrian dialect" Dub versions!


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The 2013 Reggae/Dancehall review pt 4

The 2013 Reggae/Dancehall review will throughout this month, take you back to the scenes, comments, facts and opinion of those who know, as it relate to the Jamaican Reggae or Dancehall artistes who made 2013.

Awards n Honours

"Smile 4me Jamaica..."
Sean Paul
2013 saw Sean Paul winning the Mobo Award for Best Reggae Act while 
Jimmy Cliff is the proud recipient of the Grammy Awards in the same category.

Life Time Achievement Award for Jimmy Cliff

Jamaica Reggae Industry and Association (JaRIA) bestows the Life Time Achievement Awards to Internationally acclaimed Reggae Icon Jimmy Cliff an their Honour Award ceremony to be held February 23, 2013 at the Emancipation Park in Kingston. Twenty one (21) artistes/musicians/promoter/radio host/groups will be honoured including The Mighty Diamonds, Tony Rebel and Junior Gong Marley read more

Ziggy Marley Won an Emmy Award
Ziggy Marley, four time Grammy Award recipient has added to his collection, an Emmy Award for "I love You Too" from the Disney Channel's animation 3rd and Bird in Los more

National Honours for Reggae Artistes
Sixty (60) year old Reggae Soul singer Beres Hammond  received Jamaica's fourth highest honour, the Order of Jamaica, now, Beresford Hammond, O.J. The late Delroy Wilson received the Order of Distinction O.D. (Commander Class) while Deejay Charlie Chaplin is the proud recipient of the Order of Distinction O.D. (Officer Rank) 
Beres Hammond O.J.
Laza Morgan Musical Ambassador
Youngest member of the Morgan Heritage clan, Laza Morgan is the selected Musical Ambassador for the National Caribbean-American Heritage month. Laza will serve as role model to young Caribbean-American musicians and more

Caribbean American Heritage (CARAH) to honour World Famous 
Film maker Dr Guy Harvey
Dr. Guy Harvey, a world famous Jamaican born film-maker, marine wildlife artist and oceanographer will receive the Luminary Award at the 20th Annual Caribbean American Heritage Awards (CARAH) Gala come November 22, 2013 in Washington DC, USA read more

By: Sophia McKay

Monday, January 6, 2014

Radio Afro-Australia Awards nomination for Demarco & Samini Jamaican/African collab 'Summer Party'

Dancehall artiste Demarco
Aimed at recognizing music of an African origin, considering it's growing popularity in the Australian Diaspora, Radio Afro-Australia Awards is hosted by the popular broadcasting media house, Radio Afro Australia. According to a release from his camp, this would have been the first-ever nomination of it's kind for Reggae/Dancehall artiste Demarco in Australia. The song "Summer Party" featuring Ghanian artist Samini is considered among the "Best African Song of the Year" 2013.

The release also stated that Radio Afro is instrumental in Demarco's successful 'I Love My Life' eight (8) city tour in Australia last summer. 

Humbled by the nomination, Demarco said, "This is a great way to start the New Year, and to get a nomination only months after your first tour of that country is definitely an accomplishment.  I would like to thank my hardworking team and the people of Australia for this one."

Billboard's Writer Review of Tessanne Chin's 'Voice' Win & What it Means for the Jamaican Music Scene

The 2013 Reggae/Dancehall review will throughout this month, take you back to the scenes, comments, facts and opinion of those who know, as it relate to the Jamaican Reggae or Dancehall artistes who made 2013.

What Tessanne Chin's 'Voice' Win Means for the Jamaican Music Scene
by: Patricia Meschino
Tessanne and Shaggy
"Tessanne had reached a ceiling in Jamaica and in humbling herself to take on an American singing competition she made history as the first Jamaican to win.

Displaying stunning vocal control while performing a variety of genres throughout "The Voice's" fifth season, Tessanne, 29, won a recording contract with Universal Music Group and is positioned for a transformative career breakthrough in 2014 that has already begun to take shape: two songs she performed on "The Voice" sit on the Hot 100 for the week of Jan 4: Tessanne's stirring interpretation of Whitney Houston's classic "I Have Nothing" click to watch is No. 51 and her duet with her "Voice" coach Adam Levine on The Beatles' "Let It Be", sits at No. 76.....

Tessanne Chin's stratospheric ascent from relative obscurity, even in her birthplace, to international fame via her Cec. 17 triumph on NBC's singing competition "The Voice" is undoubtedly the island's biggest music story of 2013 read more

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The 2013 Reggae/Dancehall review pt. 3

The 2013 Reggae/Dancehall review will throughout this month, take you back to the scenes, comments, facts and opinion of those who know, as it relate to the Jamaican Reggae or Dancehall artistes who made 2013.

"We got to keep on walking....on the 'road to zion" 
~Damian Marley~

The people approve when the message is clear.... #Bestof2013

 Music News Flashback

Book Ends
Reggae in a Jacket
The unheralded world of reggae art gets the spotlight on November 12 when London's Soul Jazz Books releases Reggae Soundsystem: Original Reggae Album Cover Art by Steve Barrow and Stuart Baker.
It is homage to the creativity of how art influenced Jamaican popular music going back to the 1950s when the country's music industry was taking shape Read More

Rantin From Inside the Dancehall
"if you want a taste of the Jamaican music scene through the eyes of a knowledgeable critic, then reach into your pocket and buy this volume. Don't be confused by the title, it's about much more than just Dancehall." This according to Dr. Dennis Howard, veteran Journalist and lecturer at the University of the West Indies. Dr. Howard, released a new book titled Rantin From Inside The Dancehall more By Curtis Campbell

News reports and articles

London Mayor Said Marley's Song Helped Him Cope with Olympic Pressures
Mayor of London Boris Johnson has credited Bob Marley's Three Little Birds song for helping him to cope with the pressures surrounding the staging of the recent London Olympics. The mayor was speaking at a reception he hosted on Monday at City Hall to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of both Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago.
The Mayor said the popular song by the late Jamaican reggae icon, especially the chorus: "don't worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be all right", helped him when dealing with these issues.

Journalist Patricia Meschino Recognized For Her Contribution to Reggae Music
American Journalist Patricia Meschino is recognized in an eight-part entertainment feature titled, Write On written by Jamaica Observer Senior Writer, Howard Campbell. Pat Meschino as she is known across the Reggae entertainment industry, has written Reggae reports for The Source, Vibe, The Village Voice, Skywritings, Jamrock, Billboard magazines and the official Marley Family website
The article, Turning The Pages With Patricia Meschinois based on the impact of women on reggae as artistes, administrators and managers. Pat Meschino has covered the Reggae genre for over 20 years click for more

The Daughter of a Jamaican Actor Hits the Big Screens
Charlene Hyatt, British born and daughter of reknown Jamaican actor Charles Hyatt, will play the roll of the Representative of United States Congress Woman Corrine Brown's in a movie called Left To Die which premieres Sunday November 4th, 2012 on Lifetime television.
The movie is based on a true story of the life of Sandra Chase, an American who accompanied a friend to Equador on vacation and was imprisoned for drug trafficking. Hyatt's boss is a member of the team fighting for the return of Chase (played by Barbara Hershey) to American shores...more

U.S. President Barrack Obama on Bob Marley's Music 
Speaking to the power of music in an interview on MTV with Sway Calloway, the President of the United States of America said, "I can remember when I was in college listening and not agreeing with his whole philosophy, necessarily but raising my awareness about how people outside of our country were thinking about the struggles for jobs and dignity and freedom" in reference to Bob Marley's music watch