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Massive Crowd Turnout to see Chronixx in New Zealand

A picture tells a thousand words as this one does.  This isn't any ordinary accomplishment pulling this type of crowd in New Zealand, Australia.  Chronixx is an inspiration to Reggae artistes and any artistes who aspire to do great things. As usual Chronixx share the moment with fans on social media, "so first we landed in the beautiful New Zealand then, from the airport we went straight to the venue and I asked @daddibarnz to take a picture of the crowd before I go on because I get a little nervous when the crowd is way bigger than I expect.  He came back with this picture..." 

Several questions were asked and doubt cast regarding the future of the Jamaican Reggae brand earlier this year.   At the end of 2014, the answer seems clearer as this young 21 year old Jamaican reclaim the legacy of his forefathers, by spreading messages of love and hope across the world while taking back the music to its folds. Chronixx has not only become world re-known but aims closer to achieving stadium status in terms of crowd pull.  The latter might not be his mission but it certainly speak to how much people appreciate his music and their desire to see him perform live. As we try to not loose focus of his true mission and his work Chronixx reminds us, "the journey continues"