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Chronixx Record With Mystic Revealers; Band Resurfaces After a Long Pause

(l-r) Billy Mystic, Chronixx
We haven't seen Billy Wilmot in a while until this photo of himself and Chronixx surfaced on social media with caption 
Billy Wilmot alongside in the studio recording some new music for 2015!

This must be good, we are looking forward to hearing what they put together on this one.
October 2014, Mystic Revealers posted a photo on social media with hashtag, #MysticRevealersReturn.

Four of the original Mystic Revealers members are Billy Wilmot (guitar, vocals), Nicholas Henry (drums, Steve Davis (vocals, lead guitar) and Leroy Edwards (bass).  After a 1988 appearance at Reggae Sunsplash, the band was featured on a Japanese television show. Their debut album Young Revolutionaries was released in 1991 followed two years later by another titled, Jah Works and third; Space and Time in 1994.  Space and Dub followed in 1996.