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It's Not An Easy Road

One artiste thought threatening to take his own life was an effective way to get the attention of a radio jock to play his music. His suicidal attempt got him his wishes as the crew at radio station ZIP103 FM and ZIPJock ZJ Liquid, one of Jamaica's most loved radio jock played the track but vowed to never play it again in its present state because in his opinion "wasn't the best song". 
what does it profit a man to gain the world in exchange for his soul?..

Confidence is good, but being overly confident can lead to the very action Ikon took which on the other hand displays worrying signs.  Did he actually knew what he was doing or was he acting on 'troubled' emotions he does not realize is haunting him? We might want to believe, 'a nuh nutten' since he even took a selfie and posted it on his instagram page during the moment but are there other artistes out there who get frustrated whenever you don't get the attention you think you deserve? You're not alone, it's a part of life, think on these things, 'nothing that is good in life will ever come easy. Life is not an easy road...You gotta keep holding on..."