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Happy Father's Day Dad 'Just Like You'

"Just like you ooh ooo....that's what I wanna be.."

I want my son to grow up and be just like you daddy......
Chris Martin and the legendary Stevie Wonder
" father and I have just as great a bond [as my mom] so it was only fitting that I did a song for him as well.  Happy Fathers Day to all the great and responsible fathers out there.  The real GENERALS!!!! I'm very proud of this project and I'm happy I got the opportunity to highlight my father who is truly my dadz and my general" Chris Martin.

Having done a single for his mother, Reggae singer Chris Martin tribute to his dad and all 'great and responsible fathers' on Fathers Day titled 'Just Like You,' is still one of our favourite father's day tribute.  

Although you have passed and gone, memories of you forever remain in my heart..Happy Father's Day Lloyd McKay #Dada and all fathers.