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10 Questions with Canadian Rapper JaneFrFinch

Q: Who is JaneFrFinch? A: I am a quadruple treat artist who uses her many talents to engage and rock a crowd.  People describe Jane as "hardcore with a sexy twist" which attribute to genes having been born to a Jamaican father and raised partly by way of his culture.

Q: Who is your biggest motivator in music? A: Jane's biggest motivators are 50 cent for utilizing and applying/incorporating all of his business ideas to his music career and Lauryn Hill for enduring the many tribulations she has been through, emotions the average human being couldn't bare but still manage to continue to build her empire which is music

Q: Why do you Rap? A: I Rap because it's the only way I can express my emotions.  I'm not really good at 'talking it out' so I talk to the mic and it somehow makes me feel better"

Q: What do you want from this music? A: I want to let the world watch me grow from being a girl from a dark place who was once broken to a maturn young woman with a new outlook that enables her to better express herself..the right way."

Q: How do you see your career take shape over the next 5 years? A: Over the next 5 years (God's willing), I expect to be going on tour for my 3rd album (I have a lot to rap about) have my book published and movie about my life released.

Q: You are not the first Hip-Hop/Rap artist to team up on a collaboration with a Jamaican Dancehall artist, what makes you think a Jamaican Dancehall fan base will gravitate to your music over the many other similar collabs? A:I feel that I stand out from other artists because I can mesh well on the topic and deliver exactly what my fellow artist expects of me.

Q: What is it about your music you want people know? A: My music relates to my personal life tribulations or that of other people around me.  I'm growing, so I feel that the first chapter of my life was more harder, now I see the second chapter, me moving away from all that and walking along the path of sexy and girly person although I have no intention of becoming 'soft' but my life is not lead by choice, but by the almighty God.

Q: What aspect of your life do you want people share? A: Eventually I want to be able to share my growing from strength to strength it will be a good way to lead, an example to follow and a story of motivation that hopefull will be worth telling over and over again. 

Q: What's a performance by JaneFrFinch like? A: Being able to have the whole crowd hyped and responsive when I'm on stage is what I love about performing.

Q: What has been your most memorable performance? A: My most memorable performance was opening for Wu-Tang Clan a few years ago.  They discovered me on Myspace and I was fortunate enough to share the stage with members of a legendary Hip-Hop group that I been listening to since growing is to date my most memorable moment.