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Yea Oh! World Cup Football Season is in the air

Beky Glacier
Recording artiste Beky Glacier urge fans to celebrate World Cup Football season on his new single entitled, 'Yea Oh!'

Beky Glacier is a Reggae/Dancehall artiste who recently released a single entitled, 'Yea Oh' in time for the World Cup Football season. A Jamaican by birth Beky Glacier said he was inspired to write the song while reminiscing what World Cup Football meant to Jamaicans in Jamaica. Recently Beky who resides in the United States of America visited Jamaica to shoot scenes for 'Yea Oh' video and said, "We shoot a scene pon di beach Sunday and maan! the response was so good. Me notice dancers already have a dance move fi it and some kids could not contain dem excitement.  Dat mek me feel good enuh.
The track is up-tempo and Beky hope it will move football fans the way he was moved thinking about the vibe and effect World Cup Football season had among him and friends in Rockfort, a community he grew up in nestled in the Parish of St. Andrew, Jamaica.

An ardent football fan and player of the sport himself, Beky Glacier recalls how he got his name, "well me government name is Karim Beckett and you know when yah play ball and man a shout Beckett! Beckett! till dat tek too long fi call so man just start say Beky and you know Glacier now, dat mean me icy, hot" he concluded laughing aloud.

Beky Glacier formerly attended Calabar High school in Kingston and migrated to the United States of America in the early 1990s. In New York, he attended the Erasmus Hall High school on Flatbush and Church with international recording artiste Shaggy.  Beky was popularly known as 'Beky Don' on Flatbush, Queens, New York where he resided "you waan see me always a hol a vibes, always singing or deejaying and before I knew it, I became the infamous Jamaican 'singer' on the block.  Driven by the encouragement of his neighbours, "me get into music full time so here I am, that's how I got started" he said. Beky won multiple talent contests and even performed at the infamous Apollo Theatre in Harlem.

Beky Glacier has recorded and released several singles as well as a 17 track album entitled, 'Relentless.'  He stay true to his Jamaican roots and draw comparisons between his life in the harsh Rockfort community and Flatbush in his music.  Although soft spoken, Beky sings with hard hitting vocals that are melodious, clear and blends well on any rhythm he chooses, whether it's Reggae, Dancehall or a fusion between both genres.

Beky is working on a new album but paused to promote 'Yea Oh!' "due to di vibes it have enuh and everybody who hear it a say dem love it" he said. 'Yea Oh' is infectious, the beat is trendy and easy on the ears.  

As the momentum builds for the World Cup Football competition, Beky Believe 'Yea Oh,' "is that type of song that unifies, makes you feel good in the moment. Something that forever stays with me all these years living abroad. No matter where I go or where I am nothing feels better to me than the love and encouragement me get from yaad."