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Jamaica Mek Wi Laugh

"Lift people spirit, mek people laugh, bring up dem vibe and entertain" pretty much describe the now weekly comedy show, Jamaica Mek Wi Laugh held at the Countryside Club in Kingston. Now approaching it's second staging of the new season Producer Lady Rennae promises something new at every show, "now we've added choreography and beat box to increase the entertainment value.." she said in a recent interview.  

Held Tuesdays between 7pm and 10pm, the first show of the season featured Dancehall's popular Twins of Twins and Demarco with host, the comical Pretty Boy Floyd.  Jamaicans are natural story tellers, impersonators and comedians. To spend time with friends and family who enjoy sharing jokes is one of the most relaxing past-times on any given day. Actor/comedian/radio host Christopher 'Johnny' Daley and Dufton Shepherd complemented with a musical presentation by Reggae artiste General Degree takes the stage May 27.  Jamaica Mek Wi Laugh animated comedies are a popular treat on social media.