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How many Caribbean music genres do you know?

While most will agree that Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, and Kompa are among the most dominant genres in the Caribbean, there are over 70 different music genres identified across 24 Caribbean islands with Cuba's 52, topping the list of most genres in a country. The melting pot of cultures in the islands and coastal areas surrounding the Caribbean sea have made this region (the Caribbean) the most fertile breeding grounds for music anywhere in the world []

Many of these genres share common relations because their origin can be traced back to Afro Caribbean culture.  The vast similarities reasoned by many is that the Afro Caribbean culture contribute to the genres not being well defined.  With the best known reggae artiste of all time being Bob Marley, Reggae remain the most popular among all genres in the Caribbean but with Soca hot on it's heels, swiftly and persistently spreading it's wings across the Caribbean while making good inroads in other countries across the world. Can you name 20 of Cuba's 52 music genres? How many genres are you familiar with? Maybe you might want to add...