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Chronixx 'Dread and Terrible' Mission in Europe

Chronixx and the Zince Fence Band
As Chronixx moves across Europe promoting his latest 'Dread and Terrible' project, he's literally taking fans unable to see him along the journey with him. Let's walk you through some path he's taken, come...   The fans witnesses "it's like the new father Bob in our generation Africa is waiting...." 
Fans sports Chronixx Tees
KingMuhammed Muctar Hydara Sheriff Jr. the brother bad mad ragge song me say chronixx u are the general its like u change the face of ragge music in 21century its like ya the new father Bob in our generation Africa is waiting for u especially the Gambia me can't wait to see you brother. Africa is the feature nuff respect to u chronixx a brother form another mother Allah bless u brother.......

Chronixx mission is self explanatory and becomes clearer with each passing day....  
Chronix  n Zinc Fence in Ja colours
Watch LargeUp TV latest Wepisode, filmed backstage at the Blue Note, musicians discuss how important learning from older musicians has been to them — Alexander recalls learning from Ranglin, just as Chronixx discusses being inspired by the musicians he shared the stage with." or "Sharing the stage with Don Carlos last night at the Kintal Reggae Festival Porto, Portugal." — 
crowd line up to see Chronixx
Look into my eyes
Tell me what you see
Can you feel my pain
Am I your enemy

"Words Jamaica will never forget. Words of Rodney pryce!" 

"Real power house! Kelissa's Music Bringing great vibes to the dread and terrible tour! And massive respect goes out to all the great lionesses who are waving the banner of Rasta roots and culture world wide! Jah9 sativa love!" 

His fan base is increasing rapidly because people endorse the movement having a reason to follow this 21 year old Jamaican of good courage. "This is what they mean when they say revival! Has nothing to do with the artistes! The people are alive and ready for the next level. This is the que yesterday at La Cigale, Paris...waiting to experience the original roots!"

Chronixx says his work is spiritual, driven by the almighty and as he moves through Europe takes time to give thanks for his blessing while asking 'Jah' for strength to carry out his work which also involves lending support to other Jamaican artistes as he encourages, motivates and teach... 
"It all started with a dream..then came the hard work and livication. Now here we are celebrating Jah great gift of life and music...and I am most grateful that the whole world can be a part of this celebration."

Chronixx n Zinc Fence live Lyon France

Chronixx is obviously desirable of bringing back the authenticity of his culture, the people, the vibe that is overshadowed by that of other nations, another people, another culture, and we love it caan dun, go deh Chronixx bless up yourself! #RideOn

Rastaman Wheel/Dread n Terrible