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Alborosie in Bilboa after five years of absence

The May 1 Alborosie & The Shenghen Clan, his band based in Kingston (Jamaica) Euskadi again to introduce his last two albums, "The Sound System" and its instrumental version"Dub The System". It will be in Bilbao at the Antzo Kafe, where stalwarts Italian-Jamaican artist can enjoy its powerful new live show, after almost 5 years of absence.
It was in Jamaica where reggae was born and from where it spread to the rest of the world. Roots, dancehall, dub and lovers are styles that are part of the authentic expression Reggae and nobody brings with such reverence, joy and vibration as Alborosie, who is currently one of the most sought names in Reggae Planet and has been awarded the prestigious MOBO Award for Best Reggae artist in 2011.
Real name Alberto D'Ascola, this Sicilian celebrating its 38th birthday this summer, with longdreadlocks that almost reach her ​​ankles, is much more than a singer. It is also a virtuoso musician, arranger and producer, playing every instrument you can hear on his albums, including his latest masterpiece, "Sound the System".
After the eclecticism of his latest album "2 Times Revolution" being the album that catapulted him and build his cult, capturing the world's attention from the media and fans of the genre, not because he rejected any mandatory parameter that usually determines the gender but for the additional scope and daring vision that offers it, the Sicilian Alborosie decided to return to the roots & culture. So, this summer will enjoy their next album called "The Sound System" distributed by another great reference for stamps, Greensleeves. The guest list extends to the likes of the Abyssinians, Ky-Mani Marley and the Italian singer Nina Zilli. The final draft was released last June 17 as a digital download. While e qu a CD of 16 tracks, and an LP of 10, went on sale July 1 in the UK and France, and 3 days later in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the rest of Europe.
Born in Messina, but moved to Milan in the teenage years, where he played in several bands, most notably in the Reggae National Tickets, recognized that enjoyed fame in Europe in the mid to late nineties. With the new millennium, the band performed in Jamaica and the island Alborosie immediately wrapped in his particular and unique atmosphere, deciding to jump the Atlantic and installed as a sound engineer at Gee Jam studios in Port Antonio, a tropical paradise hidden in the northeast coast of Jamaica where stars like No Doubt, Amy Winehouse and many others have moved to record.
"Soul Pirate", their debut album, attracted the attention of label Greensleeves-an institution in the history of Reggae from the mid 70's - who released their second album "Escape From Babylon"Like its predecessor, the album was full of references. Reggae to the old school. Justific to because he was born in the 70s, and thus is considered a "vintage type". He admits to being an artist most identified with veterans with contemporary artists, and describes his studio Shengen visa name adopted by Jamaicans need to tread Europe as a real museum. And because it is full of half-built technical teams, including 2 Track Tape Machine of the great King Tubby! 
His penultimate album "2 Times Revolution" is dedicated to "all the rebels in the world." As the great Reggae legends as Bob Marley, Alborosie is trying with his music, which will serve to help a social change. It is identified as a freedom fighter and defender of the poor, (in its War Tax issues for Instance or What if Jamaica), and how people in the Middle East and North African demand their freedom, "2 Times Revolution" could not come at the more appropriate time. One of the biggest banners theme Revolution, is described as a tribute to the South American revolutionary heritage. A theme sung in Spanish and English thinking about the many Latino communities across the world that will capture their message as their own.
"I like who I am and respect me," he says. "Also I love people and I respect them too." That is the root of my message and that's what my music is based. In the end, I consider myself as a preacher or a pastor. Music is a spiritual ministry, and do not consider strictly Reggae. "I make music" Jahspel "(pun Jah Rasta-God-and gospel). Tried to redesign the whole concept and I'm here to change everything, believe me ..."
Alborosie is immersed in a new album in 2014 in collaboration with the great Jamaican producer King Jammys, which tries to re-elevate in mix format, to the great artists of the time such as Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown, Frankie Paul, in a persistent claim the origin of Reggae music and its worldwide success.
In addition, 2014 has begun the journey of South American tour with stops in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico where thousands of fans have enjoyed their live and their new songs.