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Agent Sasco explore with acoustic beat on new single 'Day In Day Out'

Agent Sasco
One of Reggae/Dancehall's most positive artistes Agent Sasco, has released a new single entitle, "Day in Day Out" deejaying on an Acoustic beat.  We do not know if the artiste is just exploring the format but would encourage it, as it in our opinion creates a more subtle and approachable way to present his music to a wider audience extending beyond Dancehall.

Agent Sasco always strive for consistency in delivering his messages to the fans be it motivational or socially conscious.  These days, despite nationality, race or religion people go about their lives having to deal with financial woes, or living from pay check to pay check a subject Agent Sasco passionately address on this new track with the lyrics, "Day in day out I'm trying to find a way out, it seems there is always a trap, it seems like four steps forward and five steps back."  

The hard hitting lyrics in the second verse is a mixture of reality and hope to which Sasco sang, "the system conspire to keep me down.....but I keep faith in a de the messiah....." Day In Day Out is produced on an exclusive one chord progression rhythm stumbled upon by Agent Sasco himself while learning to play the guitar and perfected by Unga from Notnice Productions check it