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Tafari makes Billboard Reggae Chart debut with 'Rud3 Lov3" album

album cover
Tafari's eleven track indie album Rud3 Lov3 (Rude Love) on the Rud3 Music Label,made its debut on Billboard Reggae chart at #17 recently.  The independent rapper/deejay, writer, composer and producer was hands-on, with the entire production of his album but could not have done it without the input of Grammy winning producers Jermaine Reid and Jason Gilbert, as well as Noah Mason, Kamron Houff and Dennis Blaze.  Tafari told #NIPnews, "This album is a collective effort of creative people.  This body of work is all about vibing with a variety of producers on some infectious beats."  

A big fan of his dad, veteran Reggae artiste Big Youth, Tafari's Rud3 Lov3 album would have probably been incomplete without one of their father and son collaborations as they have several songs and usually perform together across the world; without a doubt Tafari choose their big tune, 'Not an Easy Road'   Other collaborations includes Nyla formerly of the duo Brick and Lace called, 'I Want You' current single off the album which the two shot a video (seen above), singer/songwriter/producer Jimmy Cozier on 'Emergency Lover' and guest artistes, bad gyal Cecile on 'Cloud 9' and Isat on 'Make it Official.'

Zambo 'Tafari' Buchanan already made inroads in his career having three soundtracks in the Academy Award nominee John Singleton's produced 'Illegal Tender"  movie. He has also entered iTunes Top 100 Reggae charts more than once.