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The other side of Robert Burchell

Getting to know Robert Burchell, a man with a big heart and Jamaican entrepreneur who has built an industry of his own in the United States from skills he acquired as boy living in Kingston, and subsequently creating opportunities for many over 20 years.
Robert Burchell and family
Robert Burchell is a mentor, best friend, father figure, big brother and to most, a "disciple of Christ." This Christian minded husband, father, musician, singer and entrepreneur has spent his life helping people he randomly meets, "my blessing comes from God and so whenever I am called upon, I serve" he said. Robert Burchell's call to serve however has not been prophetic, instead he has been helping people faced with day to day challenges for more than 20 years.  From paying tuition fees, rent, car notes to launching personal careers, create employment and/or provided clothing, food and shelter, opening his home to anyone in need,Robert Burchell says, "I am the product of humble beginnings so I understand the need of people.  I have not done the things I do for a pat on the back but because I can relate, I know about the challenges life throws at us sometimes so I'm inclined to help, I have the desire to, however I can.

Robert Burchell The Entrepreneur
Robert Burchell own and operates Burchell Upholstery in Chicago Illinois for 20 years and has taught persons the upholstery trade as well as provided jobs for many.  He is also the proud owner of Mountain Top Villa, a 5 bedroom luxurious vacation spot, nestled on 11,000 sq ft of
aerial view - mountain top villas pool area
land in the cool south coast parish of Mandeville, Jamaica.  His most recent project is the launch of independent label, Burchell Productions Ltd that has so far released singles, 'The Lord is my Shepherd' and 'Never Judge a Book,'
  "If asked about my style of music I would call it inspirational, educational and transformational music for the soul" said the musician of 25 years.  

Burchell Productions Ltd is about to release it's first studio album entitled 'Agape' which means unconditional love by Robert Burchell  and prepares for future projects that involves recording and producing other artistes, "you see, God has blessed me and so I must serve him and do his works" Robert Burchell said. He is a member of the Agape Outreach Centre, a non denominational church in Chicago and plays bass for the church Band.  His fellow church brothers and sisters affectionately calls him 'Bro Robbie.' 

By: Sophia McKay