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Jamari Reid is at again pushing a new single and offering free downloads

Since Tessanne Chin's Voice 2013 victory many have come to realize and accept that there are indeed a diverse group of artistes and musicians in Jamaica. Jamari Reid is among the group of artistes who fuses other genres with the Jamaican Reggae and Dancehall vibe or rhythm to create a unique sound. He is a lover of hardcore Dancehall music but believe it limits his ability to create certain songs that might or might not be appealing to the wider cross section of music fans worldwide. 

Jamari  said he's got a couple of songs and invite radio jocks and enthusiasts to contact him at to get their copies.  "I have a song for you and just about all music lovers, it is for the free spirited where I'm saying "I just wanna wake up without worrying about the time"...and "I just wanna live for the people that past away." Jamari his inspiration for writing songs comes from deep within "I face challenges in every aspect of my life, but I choose to not sing about it or if I do, my style is bringing my story across with an intent to change the mood of the person on the listening end, put a smile on your face or inspire a carefree attitude."

Jamari's most popular song to date is the funniest of them all
because most people would say to me, "did you really ask money 'why'?"  Such questions he said is a confirmation that he got his message across because, "in a situation where money seem to always be going in the opposite direction of you, who really laugh about that?"  If you like Jamari's latest single download and share on social media click here

Get know Jamari his music will certainly put you in a good mood. "There's something missing here, email or follow me and I will give it all to you" twitter @jamarireid, instagram @jamaridan, google+Jamari Reidmusic and Facebook @Jamari.Reid

By: Sophia McKay