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New Elephant Man song called the 'Chris Brown Dance'

Elephant Man
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Elephant Man the 'energy god' recently released a new song he calls the 'Chris Brown Dance' Known internationally for his popular songs including ''pon di river, pon di bank' it will be interesting to see how far the energy god takes his "Chris Brown Dance." This, at a time when superstars Jay-Z, Kanye West, Beyonce, Ne-Yo, Alecia Keys, P. Diddy and Snoop Dogg have either sampled a track(s) or recording(s) by a Jamaican artiste for their most recent albums or have visited and/or recorded music on the island in recent times. If catching a 'Jamaican vibe' is of much significance to these artistes then Chris Brown sits pretty much at the centre, "hand in a di air like dis, mek mi see everybody a dance like Chris." As Elephant Man sounds the alarm about the release of his new song, a new energy forms in someone else's corner from lyrics that says, "We have a brand new dance whey a run di whole town, people from all around, dem a do di Chris Brown" Elephant sings.
What is ''The Chris Brown Dance' about? According Ele's instructions a lot, "hand in a di air like dis, mek mi see everybody a dance like Chris" then, 'bend your back mek your body turn and twist' and as if to further drive home the point that the dance is 'hot' Ele foresee 'all Riri a tweet bout it!' 
Usher, Elephant Man n Chris Brown on stage Ja.

The 'Chris Brown Dance' is an Energy God Production and released in the midst of atrocities CB has been dealing with which led to his having to serve a court ordered 90 days rehab program in Malibu, California.  Elephant Man and Chris Brown have complimented each other's performance in the past, the two along with Usher have put their dance craft on display in Jamaica to much appreciation from local fans (see Reggae Sumfest 2010). More recently, Elephant Man and Chris Brown took time out for the cameras at the B.E.T. Awards 2013 ceremony in Los Angeles. 
Elephant Man/Chris Brown BET Award 2013

Ele who's obviously a huge fan of Chris Brown believes already that this song has the right energy for a hit so he sings to "di whole worl, a say Ele dis epic!' Having local dancers and music fans in the streets of Kingston hooked on "The Chris Brown Dance" driven by none other than energy god Elephant Man is #good2go yep! shizzle.

by Sophia McKay