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Unforgetable Performances - 2013 Reggae/Dancehall review pg. 2 pt 1

2013 saw several artistes stepping up their performances, although there were several we choose to highlight Kymani Marley and Aidonia representing both reggae and dancehall.

The 2013 Reggae/Dancehall review will throughout this month, take you back to the scenes, comments, facts and opinion of those who know, as it relate to the Jamaican Reggae or Dancehall artistes who made 2013.

Tessanne Chin's rendition of the late great Whitney Houston's 'I Have Nothing' on NBC The Voice is our favourite live performance by a local artiste in 2013 but there were other...

Unforgettable performances.
Kymani had this crowd mesmerize or nah?

"all my seeds shall eat bread" Reggae King Bob Marley...

Raging hot! Performance by Aidonia            #Bestof2013

More news on Aidonia 
Aidonia is an excellent marketing prospect in Dancehall for 2013
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Bits n Pieces 2013 Reggae/Dancehall News Review
Cecile Looks for Change thinks Jamaican Music Industry Need to Revamp 02/9/13
After performing in Spain sharing stage with Alborosie before a crowd of over 30,000, Jamaican Reggae/Dancehall artiste Cecile urge the local industry to raise the bar to international standard.....more

Hundreds met Super Cat in his hometown 23/12/13
Super Cat received a warm almost emotional welcome when he arrived in his Cockburn Gardens hometown in Kingston yesterday ahead of his STING 2013 performance. Super Cat who possess one of the most epic voice in dancehall have not performed in Jamaica for over a decade and transformed the Cockburn Gardens (Cockburn Pen) football field into a dancehall venue with a homecoming treat for fans read more