Friday, December 20, 2013

Reggae/Dancehall Weekend News

Soca Artiste Bunji Garlin's 'Differentology' for Song of the Year on MTViggy
"We ready for di roadddd....." lyrics from Soca artiste Bunji Garlin's popular 'Differentology' hit song.  The Trinidadian has had a good year gracing the Soul Train stage and is chosen among the top list of 2013 Song of the Year. 
Bunji Garlin

MTViggy's As the sun sets on yet another epic year in the history of the world, it's important to contemplate the omnipresent globe-circling hits that became humanity's soundtrack in 2013.  Just kidding! That might be overdoing it a smidgen, but really, what happened this year?  read more MTVIggy Song of the Year 2013

Tessanne singing after being announced winner of The Voice 2013

Within two days after winning the American reality competition, The Voice, Tessanne Chin's rendition of the Simon and Garfunkel "Bridge Over Troubled Waters' classic which she sang on semi-finals night, debut at #64 on Billboard Hot 100 charts.  According to Billboard, Chin's rendition sold 60,000 digital units which earn her a place on it's main music chart.  Tessanne's performance throughout the competition was an all round success as she not only brought grace and talent but proved she can move units.  Tessanne coupled with her manager Shaggy dominate iTunes Top 10 Reggae Songs chart across 8 of 21 countries.  On the US iTunes Top 100 songs chart Tessanne's first single, 'Tumbling Down' on 'Pre-Order' and scheduled for release March 2014 debut at #75 while her renditions I Have Nothing and Let It Be ft. Adam Levine have also entered the chart. Tessanne arrive in Kingston December 20, 2013 from the US to much fan fair and celebrations.

Kiprich prepares for the unexpected at STING 2013
Dancehall artiste Marlon 'Kiprich' Plunkett is in the hot seats of the highly anticipated STING 2013 live show to be held, Boxing Day, December 26 at Jamworld Sports complex, Portmore, St. Catherine, Jamaica.  Kiprich has won five (5) clashes to date making him the undefeated artiste in a clash at STING. But for Kiprich, "every win is a good feeling but never taken personally because my aim is not to destroy another artiste career but instead make the fans have a good time."

But while that might be Kiprich's intention the outcome of a clash puts the winner in a good steed.  It certainly cement a place on the next staging of the show in the coming year as well as other future events across the local and international Dancehall industry. Kiprich acknowledge that over the years that repertoire has been "watered down" but is hopeful 2014 will see a return of good fortunes "especially after Tessanne's success" on NBC The Voice talent competition" he said, "with her being The Voice of 2013, artistes are once again highly motivated" and not only at a competitive level according to him but also "for their own aspirations." 

l-r: Beenie Man, Kiprich, P. Diddy
And that's a very good observation, but for now his focus is on getting through 'the fire" Yup! When it boils down to a bubble, Kiprich is looking forward to clash 'whomever,' he is fearless and well prepared.  The question is, can he do this a sixth time? Well we believe with US$30,000 cash prize, an historic "Winner of STING 30 2013 Clash" title and good future prospects in terms of shows/gigs, he should. Get in the know and follow Kiprich on twitter, instagram and facebook @kipponuhbehavior.

By: Sophia McKay

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tessanne Chin is "The Voice" of 2013 on NBC

Tessanne comforted by Adam Levine
While some Jamaicans celebrated her victory in Half Way Tree Kingston, other artistes, radio stations/host, corporate, government, fans, neighbours, friends tweet congrats messages with love to Tessanne Chin for an almost predictable victory on NBC The Voice 2013 talent show. We have compiled a list of some of those tweets for you and send our own congratulations to Tessanne for a well deserved victory "the race is not for the swift neither for the strong but who can endure it to the end..."

  Congrats to who has been crowned ! Nice job & for his 2nd time winning!

: Congrats .. The entire Jamaica celebrates with you .. Super proud

RT : Jamaica shows the world that we are LIKKLE BUT TALLAWAH

Beaming with pride. Feeling so happy for our girl.

So proud of you you rose above every test that came your way. You deserve all the love...

 Congrats tessy we all are so proud of u darling i knew u could pull it off big up to the voters first…

 A MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS TO Tessanne!!! SO PROUD AND HAPPY for her #TeamTessanne#TeamTessanne 
@iamkartel Congratulations to on behalf of the Gaza. U voice n u body good n u mus come pon d Gaza when u ready to fi do supn hardcore.
 Congratulations Tessane. U have made Jamaica proud Celebrations all throughout the night!!

to the world
 Jamaica is indeed celebrating with the United States! We love you

@agentsasco The Humble Calf is swimming in the milk!!! Congratulations Tessanne Chin on winning the Voice. ...

 From the first nite@Tessanne sang she was told she can easily win in my book
@BunjiGarlin Congratulations to our Jamaican songstress Tessanne Chin. You are , the voice of all of us islanders. We...

@spiceofficial Congrats on such a phenomenal journey I never doubted you for a second

 ! Chat !! CHIN chat # the voice live on the air! Listen in now at .

BIG BIG BIG CONGRATULATIONS to on winning You've made Jamaica very proud. JAMAICA STAND UP!!

 Remember Marcus Garvey, Bookman Dutty, great Jamaicans have always walked this earth...
By: Sophia McKay

Smile for Me Jamaica

Vote 'Tessanne Chin' to become The Voice on NBC

Monday, December 16, 2013

Nyanda drop new mixtape "Slippery When Wet" produced by Sentinel Sound

Jamaica meets Germany when world renowned sound system Sentinel, undertake an exciting musical project with Nyanda formerly of the popular Reggae/Dancehall duo, Brick and Lace.

The mixtape, "Slippery When Wet" is available for free download (click any title to download) and is guaranteed to get your blood pumping..from "Love is Wicked" to "Trouble" then onto "Bad to di Bone" "Slippery When Wet" olde and crew showcase the evolution of Nyanda's sound from her days in Brick and Lace to the edgier, solo artist.

"Slippery When Wet" mixtape also features Mr. Vegas, Assassin, The Wizard and the Kemist, USA Kat Dahlia, Yellow Claw of the Netherlands, FeU DJ of South Africa and the Ivory Coast's, Muss.  Expect Nyanda's debut album in 2014.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Reggae/Dancehall News Weekend

Sizzla Kolanji

Sizzla Kolanji has probably released more albums than any other Reggae/Dancehall artiste but the 2013 Grammy nomination for 'Best Reggae Album' is his first ever. The album nominated entitled 'The Messiah,' is his 70th and he wrote most of the tracks. Sizzla Kolanji the Executive Producer of the 15 track project described it as "spiritual conscious." "The Messiah" is released on CD/Digital by VP Records   read album review

Super Cat wants reggae to flourish promises 'A Performance' at STING
Super Cat
Veteran dancehall artiste Super Cat is asking fans of Jamaican music, along with the artistes to understand it in a more wholesome way. He said "dancehall is a place and the music that Jamaican artistes produce is reggae" read more

New Bill Look at Intellectual Property as collateral for loans
Government Senator Sophia Frazer-Binns, in contributing to a debate on the bill in the upper House last Thursday, noted that despite Jamaica's music industry have a profound effect on the economy, the sector players had difficulty accessing loans because of collateral requirements. "The passage of this act, which will impact the creative industry, is revolutionary," Frazer-Binns said. read more