Saturday, December 14, 2013

Let the 90's be your guide

Shabba Ranks
The Dancehall entertainment industry in Jamaica has not been as vibrant as it was during the 1990's era.  So much had happen to have made dormant, a vibe so exciting that it was contagious and left many concluding the Jamaican genre is dead.  But not so according to Ninja Man who was one colourful artiste during the era.  In an article posted on Ninja Man was reported to have said, "Dancehall is not dead" but "has deteriorated."  He further stated that, "Josey Wales ah still de Colonel, Chaplin a still de Principal, Shabba Ranks a de Emperor, Yellowman and Beenie Man a King.  Shabba get two Grammy, Buju get one Grammy and Beenie get one Grammy" which could mean the titles are still unchallenged. When asked about his views as it relate to "Dancehall being locked up in jail" Ninja said, "no one artiste cyan mek dancehall guh a grung (ground) every six months a new artiste buss.."

Fingers have been pointed, harsh criticism, frustrated outbursts and even outright disrespect been hurdled at
Jamaican artistes as a result of the dormancy but in retrospect it might not have been a decline in the quality of music which places the blame squarely at the artistes feet but instead, a decline in common human interest in seeing the industry flourish.  In the struggle, while competing remain a non issue, strategy and tactics lost it's target.

However through it all a general perception among the industry have been with the coming of a new year, 'new year, new hope' hence 2013 was expected to bring about hope.  Early 2013 that hope became a reality at the Grammys when Ziggy and Damion Marley were invited to join STING, Popstar Rihanna and Billboard's top artiste Bruno Mars in a tribute to King Bob Marley.  Not very long after and important era, the 1990's, was put on display in a major international setting described here as the (Jamaica B.E.T. Awards)  moment recreating visions of the endless possibilities of this music.  The vibe carried through further lead to other musical contributing elements that revitalize the local industry (10 most epic reggae/dancehall moments)  including the most current and talked about of them all, Tessanne Chin's NBC The Voice success.

The 1990's era in Dancehall is a monument, a guideline to the future.  The industry was driven so the music found fans.  Let the 90's be your guide from which to draw your assessment of the music's potential. Take from it all the elements that made it successful and throw your support once again behind the music.  The talents are abound, possibilities endless and environment conducive to greatness.  Young talented Jamaicans are ready to excel beyond the successes of Shaggy and Sean Paul.  The question is no longer when but who?

By: Sophia McKay

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bounty Killer Unleashes New Single Inspired by Iconic Movie 'The Harder They Come"

Bounty Killer
Jamaica, USA - Now celebrating its 40th anniversary, The Harder They Come has inspired countless reggae music love-ins on college campuses and among Jamaicans around the world.  Now the iconic movie can add a dancehall rhythm to its list of tributes, as One Jam Music releases Bounty Killer's blazing Harder -- a devastating response to all his challengers, and the teaser to One Jam's latest production, the Harder Than Hard album slated for release in early 2014.

Harder Than Hard is the brainchild and labour of love of One Jam Music, a boutique reggae music label. The project was inspired by the classic 1972 Jimmy Cliff film written and directed by Perry Henzell and co-written by Trevor D. Rhone.  Considered a cult classic, The Harder They Come was the first film made in Jamaica shortly after independence, one of the most successful independence films of all time and "the soundtrack album has joined Marley's catalog as reggae's cornerstones" (SF Chronicle).

Continuing the first, Harder Than Hard will be the first riddim-driven album that will use samples and themes from one movie as the basis for all the songs on the compilation.  The album, slated for release in early 2014, will feature a star-studded cast of established and rising dancehall and reggae artists and will lead off with the single Harder from Grammy nominated international artiste and Icon, Bounty Killer.

On the eve of "Sting 2013, dubbed "The greatest dancehall show on earth," the dancehall world has been eagerly awaiting a response from Bounty Killer to challenges and insults hurled at him in recent months from Mr. Vegas, Anthony B, and most recently Mavado.  The Warlord has finally responded, and it is with devastating impact.  The musical response Harder, which conjures up memories of a favorite dancehall era when lyrical battles were en vogue and reached their highpoint at Sting, draws dialog samples from The Harder They Come, and in true Killer style delivers a verbal lashing to his challengers.

While the single for Harder will be available on all major digital outlets served by digital giants 21st Hapilos Digital, the 40-year legacy and enduring potency of The Harder They Come is being celebrated by the film's owners, International Films Limited (IFM) and their distribution partners.  IFM, Syndc td Entertainment and Xenon Pictures will digitally release the film on iTunes and through VHX in late December.  A blu-ray is set for Spring 2014 and various Harder They Come theatrical screenings / reggae music parties will roll out through 2014 on college campuses and with Jamaican diaspora groups and roots reggae groups in Boston, Brooklyn, Toronto and all over the globe.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tessanne Chin Hit #1 on US iTunes Chart after Semi Finals performance; How to vote her into finals

Tessanne Chin
After a mind-blowing rendition of Bridge Over Troubled Water on NBCs The Voice semi-finals December 11, 2013 fans of the Jamaican vocalist Tessanne Chin whom judge Blake Shelton described as a "world class singer," has voted her up to the top of the US iTunes Top 100 charts.

With parties revving into full gear across Kingston and parts of the United States, @teamtessanne has heightened the songbird's chances of making it into the finals of which she stands a very good chance of winning, encouraging fans to vote! vote! vote!  With adequate votes Tessanne will advance to the Top 3 and finals of the competition next week. To vote here's how it's done:-

How to vote for Tessanne

Friends, fans and family in the USA and Puerto Rico are allowed to VOTE (up to 10 times) using ALL the following options:
1)  CALL her announced toll free number, 1 855 864 2305

2)  TEXT her announced code for Sprint wireless account holders

3)  ONLINE voting at or on Voice Facebook app

4)  DOWNLOAD and/or send her Voice performance as a GIFT to friends and family 
*Sign in iTunes store using your Apple ID
*Find Tessanne Chin Bridge Over Troubled Waters in App or iTunes and download
5) RECRUIT family and friends across the United States to VOTE the maximum
*Sign in iTunes store using your Apple ID
*Find Tessanne Chin Bridge Over Troubled Waters in App or iTunes and download
*Select Gift This
*Type the email address you wish to send the Gift from iTunes
*Add a message: "Help to send Tessanne to the finals.."

Follow @tessanne on twitter, @thebestess on instagram and Tessanne Chin on Facebook

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Sophia Squire triple treat 'first hit mix and tour'

Sophia Squire
After 14 weeks singer/songwriter Sophia Squire's popular 'Love Don't Hurt' single peaked at #1 on the Jamaica Music Countdown (JMC) chart.  This marks her first ever #1 song on a music count down chart.  The track jumped one place up from #3 to #1 snatching the top spot from Nature and ahead of Mr. Vegas and Shaggy in the top 25 reggae single countdown.

The humble and soft spoken, former background vocalist of the late Gregory Isaacs continue her drive to spread her music with the release of another first, an official mixtape entitled 'Spotlight' produced by selector CrossFire of Unity Sound base in Japan.  She now prepares for and look forward to her first upcoming solo tour of Europe slated for February 2014 where she is expected to perform in the following countries Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

By: Sophia McKay

Grammy announce Best Reggae Album nominees

Announced Friday December 6, 2013 at the nomination concert of the Grammy Awards held at Nokia Theatre Los Angeles were the contenders for the 2014 Best Reggae Album.  The list includes the albums of Honourable Beres Hammond O.J. 'One Love, One Life',  Ziggy Marley's 'Ziggy Marley in Concert,' Sly and Robbie and the Jam Master's 'Reggae Connection,' Sizzla Kolanji's 'The Messiah' and the artiste who formerly go by the name Snoop Lion's 'Reincarnated.'

The winner will be announced at prestigious Grammy Awards ceremony January 26, The Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Remembering a Great Leader - Nelson Mandela 'Madiba'

"I choose not to mourn the loss of this great man Nelson Mandela but celebrate his life, R.I.P. Nelson Mandela #Madiba"