Saturday, November 16, 2013

Reggae/Dancehall News Weekend

Tessanne Chin is.... *drum roll*
Yup! she's made it to the Top 10 with another show stopping performance on NBC The Voice talent show in the U.S. Team Tessanne continues to request your support and asking persons in the U.S. to vote! vote! vote! and those living out of the U.S. to download the music she performs weekly at TessanneMusic which also enhance her chances of advancing to the next round.

Razor B party from 'Mawnin To Night'
He's a vibe master who's here to turn up your party and he's calling you to follow the trend. Razor B first release the single 'We Party' last summer and now from Mawnin to Night the new joint yup! that's the vibe he's pushing.

Follow @razorbhome on twitter and Instagram. It's so exciting listening these songs, let your mind breathe after a busy day or if you really want to have fun while listening from 'Mawning to Night,' twerk to it's riddim the way caribbean women do *laughs* or try rubba-dub Jamaica style it's cute. You can choose or do both but whatever you do enjoy, it's all about the music.

Iyunda Dub Poetry/Dub Chanting
Every artiste has a vision and wish to be heard. Like the sower that went out to sow his seed, only those that fall on good ground will yield crop. We plant the seed but it's you who help them grow. 

Stop and listen to the words of dub poet Iyunda he's a man who walks the streets of Kingston, going about his business that involves pushing the music of other artistes for a known label, Downsound Records which he is employed. His job has closely knitted him with the ordinary Jamaican, the man in the streets of Kingston. Iyunda knows the challenges people face daily, because he feels it too and expresses those feelings musically in a self titled style he calls, dub chanting.  Here is what Iyunda has to say on his latest track Sell Out 

By: Sophia McKay

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chronicle of Chronixx

Jamaica this is for you,  a gift from a son of your soil, Chronixx the young and inspiring Jamaican artist who has given this writer a 'brain erection' having me totally gone with his flow and messages which lead to writing how I feel.  It matters not seriously which topic Chronixx choose, he's able to literally paint the picture of his vision seemingly effortless in his songs, each of which leads to a specific pathway of life that is forever relevant. But see yah, dem mussi tink you out a idea he sang about this beautiful girl he met, called Jamaica and sing praises of her sweetest gifts, as he charmingly encourages Jamaica to smile and offers himself, chronixx is here to your health mammi. While his gesture is not unique when compared with works by so many other artistes, it is certainly applauded for the manner in which he delivered it with style and purpose and in my mind legacy for Jamaica and Jamaican music.  

From introduction, Chronixx established that his foundation is built upon the principles of Jah. His 'truth' lead to my inquisition about what he has to offer and I subsequently gain an understanding of each song I have heard so far. Lyrics cleverly composed whereas even in intensity, of a fire that burns from de epicenta, Chronixx manage to deliver his 'truth,' with a force that transcend across boundaries, spiritually engulfed and effectively depicting that which he sings, a judgement when de cup dem full and run ova 

Some might say we've heard it all before but for me, not only is Chronixx music as real as it gets, de truth? Here comes the rasta youths.  To be so young, yet able to discern the foreseable future is a gift, one that reminds me of a great legend and other great men, born of Jamaica and have touched the minds of nation and nations of people across the world through music. Chronixx is on a mission, the young 'soul-jah of rasta' declare he is not alone, pointing to other artistes "just like me" he said, is in Jamaica . And as he speak of where he's from, what he's about and spread his message, he urge his audience  from near and far to kindly trod along...executing selassie I works and build rastafari troops.

With a peaceful approach Chronixx delivers his messages as a true messenger to the heart of the people. Give him a beat and a mic and Jah gi me di truth and sey gi dem, but did I say "it matters not seriously which topic he choose?" The subject of the ladies is bitter/sweet, this rasta yute has left many screaming females asking, "when are you coming to..." various countries to perform which can get tricky.  Chronixx let it Rain and Access Granted but his awareness dem gi wi dem jezebel is on point. Keeping it together is and has always been a challenge yet it never stopped legends and great men to achieve greatness. This is where many falter and this is where only time will tell but in the mean time the chronicle of 'Chronixx' the rasta youth, remain interesting to note.

Sophia McKay

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Razor B's brand spaking new single 'Mawnin to Night' you need to hear

Razor B
Razor B has released a brand spanking new single called 'Mawnin to Night' produced by Nu New Entertainment. The song seem as if it can set the tone for a Razor B take over of that "pawtay vibe" title artistes such as Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Baby Cham and Mr. Vegas to name a few, have attain in their careers as Dancehall entertainers. From the intro through to the flow that old skool vibe hits, complemented by the sounds of an infectious riddim and heavy baseline.  A song like this should connect easily with dancers. It's catchy  'Mawnin to Night' melody keep ringing in your ear. 
This is a type of vibe dancehall relishes and even better, in a season where dancing brings life to the party. From just imagining what the dance floor looks like with everyone gyrating their hips, timely and in that signature, choreographed reggae/rubba dub style, you get the feeling, "Mawnin to Night" has got to be a hit! (click the soundcloud widget below to listen) 

Razor B, previously signed to Nu New Entertainment was born in Jamaica and lives in Toronto, Canada.  He is a Reggae/Dancehall artiste who has an increasing fan base who loves his sense of fashion, taste for exotic dishes and delivering music that are proven true to his Jamaican roots.  The video for his previous summer single "We Party," recently held down the #1 spot on "Pree Dis" Caribbean Countdown, a video top 10 show streaming across the world wide web but rooted in Jamaica. 

The momentum that is already building on this new and exciting "Mawnin to Night' single, has Razor B's Nu New Entertainment team anticipating the release of a follow up video real soon. Get early update on what's happening with Razor B's career by following him @razorbhome on twitter, razorbhome on facebook and instagram and feel free to leave comments, messages as well as support the movement when you click to download Razor B's Music on itunes.'

by Sophia McKay

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Aspired for Greatness

Greatness is measured by the quality of being great (beyond ordinary) distinguished, or eminent

Sunday, November 10, 2013

An act of kindness by Reggae/Dancehall artiste Demarco saved a woman's life

Demarco (c) & friends helping victims
KINGSTON, JAMAICA - Dancehall artiste Demarco and members of his True Gift Entertainment team have been hailed heroes by a group of doctors at the hospital of the University of the West Indies, following a serious car accident that almost claimed the life of a woman recently.

The incident unfolded in the vicinity of Burlington Avenue and Westminister Road in Kingston while Demarco and friends were engaged in a game of football at their studio.  Amidst the game a loud crashing sound was heard prompting the artiste and friends to rush to scene where they discovered a Honda Civic motorcar with four females and a Toyota Corolla taxi collided leaving one of the four women with a fractured skull and others with neck and back injuries.

Demarco acted quickly by pulling the victims from the wreckage while his friends alerted the relevant authorities, the artiste then whisk the woman off to the emergency room after using a towel to suppress blood that was said to be gushing from a wound she sustained to the head.  Had it not been for his decisive, unselfish and kind gesture, doctors believed the woman's condition could have been fatal.