Saturday, July 20, 2013

10 Most Epic Reggae/Dancehall Moments Since January 2013

10)  US President Barrack Obama photoshopped sporting a 'worl boss' Vybz Kartel t'shirt

 9)  Busy Signal's "Coming Over" video hiked to 3.5 million views on youtube after a home made video of Pop Star Rihanna singing it was posted on IG

 8)  Vybz Kartel, Tupac Shakur and Rihanna were the Top 3 most requested artistes on UK National Prison Radio (NPR) in the sequence #1 Tupac Shakur, #2 Vybz Kartel and #3 Rihanna click Vybz Kartel NPR

 7)  More Jamaican Radio Stations Pays Public Performance Royalties

6)   Assassin, Capleton, Popcaan and Beenie Man all featured on US Rapper Kanye West's 'Yeesuz' Album.

5)   President Barrack Obama named Reggae Artiste Warrior King as one of his most favourite artistes.

4)  Mavado became the first Caribbean artiste to receive exclusive Billboard video premier with his 'Take It' track.

3) Sizzla Kolanji's 'Solid As A Rock' single sampled on Jay Z's 13th, number one, Platinum Selling 'Magna Carter Album'

2)  Grammy Awards 2013 Tribute to Bob Marley ft. Rihanna, Sting and Ziggy/Damian Marley, Bruno Mars

1) Probably Dancehall best moment ever in the international music sphere the 2013 BET Awards Dancehall showcase that featured performances by Chaka Demus and Piers, Dawn Penn, Jabba, Beenie Man, Elephant Man.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Chronixx Interview on MTVIgg/Promotes the Release of New EP

Bits 'n' Pieces

Saxon Baird speak to Chronixx about whether he is trying to distance himself from Dancehall artistes and the message behind his music plus more click here to read. Chronixx also promotes a soon to be released EP "Dread and Terrible" on twitter @
Dread and Terrible EP Coming Soon!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Smile For Me Jamaica - Love At First Sight

"She have a rich history....she gi dem reggae....a u gi dem Bob wid a different stepping, a u gi dem Bolt nuh body caan run left him..but see yah dem mussi think you outta for me Jamaica" @iamchronixx

If the general perception is that the music coming out of Jamaica is no good and that Jamaican artistes 'ain't singing shit' why has Sizzla Kalonji's "Solid As Rock" featured on Jay Z Magna Carter 2013 album which certified Platinum on the day it was released? Or why Assassin, Popcaan, Capleton and Beenie Man all Dancehall artistes, featured on Kanye West "Yeezus" album? Why is Rihanna listening to Busy Signal's "Missing You" track which her best friend posted on instagram with an homemade video of the Pop Star singing the song showing all her emotions? Why the BET Award interest? Why? Why? Why? Are we to believe these major artistes and other interest likes crap?

Kudos to all international reggae artistes across the world who have come to love the music, make it apart of who they are and doing exceptionally well on the international front.  This writer is a big fan of Gentleman from Germany and appreciative of all reggae artistes for their music.  However the constant beat down on the Jamaican artistes are unfair. Truth be told, not all reggae and dancehall artistes whether in Jamaica or across the world will get international recognition; those who have and those who will must prove themselves worthy.  
So while the creative machinery continue to churn, support for local artistes must be unbiased and without malice.  From the interviews however, the Jamaican artistes remain confident, steadfast and persistent.  Chronixx, one young advocate of not only good Reggae music but for the future of other Jamaican artistes had these encouraging words for reggae fans, "don't mek dem detour your mind from good music.  If not me, there's a lot of other artistes doing good music..." The are well aware of the challenges they face, the future lies in their hands, hence the focus on the local front must be channelled toward unity among artistes, each one teach one, pride in our media and dedication among local radio Program Directors and Producers in showcasing the talents that exist within the industry.  Romain Virgo, Protege, Busy Signal are also worth mentioning as they currently have a stage among foreign artistes who are doing it big.  I-Octane, another young future prospect who is given the charge to headline Dancehall Night at Reggae Sumfest 2013.  A task that for years have been given to the likes of Bounty Killer and Beenie Man, said in interview on CVM television, "I am not doing this for me, I'm doing this for Reggae," such commitment affirm the Jamaican artistes determination. 

If the artistes get together and work as a unit they will become a worldwide force to be reckon with and they must note, that those before them faced similar challenges, "could it be love?" The legendary Bob Marley did say, "Don't let them fool you, or even try to school you..don't let them change you or try to rearrange you...only the fittest of the fittest shall survive"...Smile for me Jamaica, love at first sight.

(click here to watch "OnStage' 2013 Summerjam coverage) 
By: Sophia McKay

More Jamaican Radio Stations Paying Public Performance Royalties

Stringent actions taken by the Jamaica Music Society (JAMMS), the Jamaica Association of Composers Authors and Publishers (JACAP) and the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JARIA) has resulted in more radio stations across Jamaica getting compliant with the payment of public performance royalties.

#NIPnews has been observing the process as the associations pressed forward in their bid to regularize the process across Jamaica.  A report carried on Link Up Radio New York website May 14, 2013 stated that the US Trade Representatives (USTR) listed Jamaica as one of the 'rogue countries' that remain on a Special 301 Watch List highlighting inadequate payment of public performance royalties as the reason Jamaica is included on the list.  

February 2012 the Jamaica Association of Composers Authors and Publishers (JACAP) reported that a number of radio stations, hotels, sound systems and nightclubs have not been handing over royalties to the association, Pay Us Please one newspaper wrote highlighting the association's head Steve Golding disclosure that only 30% of the users of intellectual property hae handed over royalties with a few exception.  In another local newspaper Disc jocks say paying royalties is unfair and that they should be exempt.  This after one songwriter and publisher said that 'Disc Jocks' should be made to pay for songs they play at events as they would have been paid for their services," the story headlined 

June 2013, General Manager Evon Mullings at the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JARIA) said that "Jamms as well as other collecting societies recognises this problem and is now exploring some of the reasons for the discrepancies and how it could be fixed" click to read more

The Good News
But in a recent telephone conversation with Mr  Evon Mullings at JAMMS, NIPnews has learnt that more radio stations are getting regularized he said, "radio stations have and radio stations are complying with our rules."
This is a major step toward correcting some issues the local music industry is faced with. This systematic approach can only result in a more productive industry that will benefit everyone involved.

By: Sophia McKay